Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas and other goings on

Our family had a wonderful Christmas this year.

We spent several days in Augusta catching up with family and friends, then were home by Christmas eve, did our Christmas morning "traditions" (2 years in a row classifies it as a tradition, right?) and opened gifts. Then, we ate lunch with our dear friends. It was a great Christmas.
Air travel with a wiggly 14 month old is no laughing matter. Stickers were a lifesaver.
Silly Faces
Christmas Eve
A few hours after Christmas lunch, our train derailed.

Isaac started coughing so hard his face would turn red. He spiked a temperature. His nose was pouring mucus. Fast forward to next day at the pediatricians office. He's still coughing, still draining, still feverish. Flu swab was negative (We vaccinate. The end.), but we were sent home with a prescription for Tamiflu and instructions to start the medicine if Isaac's fever climbed higher. We were already planning a trip to Meme & Pa's house to celebrate Christmas with them, so we packed up our Tylenol, Motrin, humidifier, and bulb syringe and drove to Houston that afternoon. By the time we reached Houston, Isaac's fever was even higher, and despite having a negative flu swab, I followed our pedi's orders and started him on Tamiflu. Fast forward a few more days and my poor kiddo is still coughing, still snotty, still running fevers. What's worse? His tummy does not agree with the Tamiflu and he throws up multiple times after taking it. He was not getting better, so back to the doctor we went. Let me stop and mention how thankful I am that my pediatrician's office is open on Saturday & Sunday. Side note over. Our second trip to the pediatrician revealed a new problem: bilateral ear infections, a secondary bug from the "flu" (or other random upper respiratory virus) he had a few days earlier. Poor kiddo can't catch a break.

Thankfully, some antibiotics and a bubble bath have got us back on the road to recovery.

In other news,

Someone learned to stick his tongue out.

And someone else won their fantasy league!!!! #booyeah

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Kendra said...

Fevers are the worst.
Love bath pics! Isaac sure is a cutie!
Loved catching up on your blog!

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