Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blogging about my favorite subject

I realized that it's been a long time since I've done any kind of updates on my little Isaac. Once that 12 month mark flew by, I stopped writing monthly updates and I've almost completely neglected to post anything about him since then. Shame on me!! Just as you would expect, he is growing entirely too fast. Each day brings new discoveries, new words, new accomplishments… it's been a really fun few months here at our house.

His ability to express himself has grown exponentially in the last month. It's been both easier and harder at the same time, because he's also getting more and more frustrated when he can't communicate what his needs and wants are, which in turn leads to meltdowns. His most favorite word to use right now is "No." Everything is "no" even if it is a yes, which is kind of hilarious. I'm looking forward to when "yes" comes into play. Some of his newest additions: swing (his favorite park pastime), food, Jesus, cheese, outside, please, balloon.

Isaac is still a fantastic eater. I couldn't have asked for a happier, more well-rounded little person to feed. For a while now, he has been saying "MM-mmm" to foods that he really likes (he shakes his head a little too when he says it, which is especially cute). It's just the funniest -- and it makes a mama feel proud of what she cooked!

Some recent photos:
Isaac and his twin friend Carter
He looks SO much like my dad here.
Isaac loves to help mama by brushing his hair and teeth. 
Not quite sure about the hoodie. It didn't last long.
Bath time is goofy time. Eventually more water ends up outside the tub than in it! 

Kooky post-nap hair.

This is what Isaac looks like at least 88% of the time. The Croc In Socks (aka: Gator) is by FAR Isaac's most cherished toy. He mostly sleeps with it (although we don't take it to school), but more and more each day, it's migrating out of the crib and is toted around the house. He loves to chew on the tail, which looks and smells just putrid. Gator gets at least 2 trips through the washing machine each week, although a daily rinsing wouldn't hurt.

I wanted to kick myself for a little while for getting so few pictures of him at this age. And then when I dusted off the camera and went in for the shot, I remembered why… he's so stinkin wiggly! I have to catch him completely off guard and keep my fingers crossed that the shutter is quick enough to catch a pic without being a blur of moving baby. And once he sees that I'm trying to take a picture, he wants to grab at the camera and push every button approximately 17 times.
An unfortunately placed black bean… not a dental accident! Ha!

Every time he gets his hands on this baby saline spray, he immediately puts it to his nose. Unfortunately, when it comes time to actually administer said spray, he isn't nearly as cooperative. Maybe that tells you how often we've had to treat the old toddler snot nose. Between the weather, allergies, and Mothers Day Out/Nursery, I think we've all had the "crud" a couple of times this winter.

You just make my day so very bright and full of life. I thank God over and over for you! Mama loves you so very very much!


Kathy said...

He's just so darm cute! And getting so big. He's not a baby anymore, he's a little man.


His innocence show he is still baby. He is so cute.

Abby said...

What a cutie! Any clue what his stats on? He looks like a giant compared to Griff! :)

Also, the black bean pic made me laugh and I thought he'd knocked a tooth out. Considering that G has already chipped a bottom tooth, I thought it was really a possibility!

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