Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break Happenings at home and abroad

For the last week, Jordan has been traveling around the southeast with a group of our students. Two years ago, we participated in Mission Lab in New Orleans. This year, they went back to New Orleans for Mission lab again, but this time, they also took a few days to travel to Moss Point, Mississippi to participate in World Changers. Both legs of their mission included various projects throughout the city. They worked with homeless, cleared lots, prayer-walked, painted, did construction, and lots more. I've already heard some incredible stories of God moving and working through these students during the trip, and I'm really looking forward to hearing more.

So while Jordan was gone, Isaac and I kicked it at home. I laughingly call it my "single mom week" although after only 6 days without a husband, I wouldn't dare joke about how difficult life is as a single parent. It was tough, it was tiring, but Isaac and I had SO much fun together. I tried to plan little activities each day, which both occupied our morning or afternoon and gave us the opportunity to make neat little memories together.
...and maybe we watched Monsters University. Twice. 
I set a goal for myself to get a run in each day, so I strapped Isaac in the stroller (and sometimes put Mauve on a leash too!) and we ran to the park every day. I usually got in 2.5-3.5 miles and Isaac got some time in the swings, which is his new favorite activity. By the end of the week, he was asking to "go feeng" (go swing) all day long-- even when we'd just gotten home from the park! The weather certainly wasn't "spring break worthy," but I am thankful that we were able to find time each day for some fresh air.

One of my dear friends (and one of our former students) was such a huge help for me this week. She came with another friend/former student on Wednesday afternoon so I could have a few hours away. So a pedicure and a good book was on my agenda! Not only that, but later in the week, she came over during nap time and put gas in my car and ran a couple of errands for me. What a huge blessing -- and a weight lifted!
So thankful for a few late mornings. And baby lashes.
Isaac and I went out to lunch one day with friends. We drove to Corpus on Friday to do a little shopping. We went to a baby shower together. It was a week full of fun. God gave me so much extra patience toward him, and even though it was nice to curl up in the quiet with a good book after bedtime, our days together were full of kisses and cuddles and laughs and fun. One thing is for sure though, Isaac is nuts about his Dada. It was tough for them to be apart from each other and sweet to watch their reunion. We are all so thankful that God used Dada in a mighty way... and we're SO glad he's back home.
We read Bob the Dog approximately 38 times this week. 

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