Friday, March 21, 2014

My First Stitch Fix

Those of you who've kept up with the blog since Valentine's day know that my darling husband got me a Stitch Fix gift card. I was so excited to schedule my first Fix and even MORE excited when my box arrived on Wednesday!!!

New to the Stitch Fix idea? Here are the basics: Become a member and fill out a style profile questionnaire. Schedule yourself a Fix and a personal stylist will put together a box of 5 items based on your style profile and send it straight to your doorstep. You also get cards with styling suggestions for each piece. Keep all of your items or send whatever you don't love back in their prepaid mailing envelope. It's such a fun idea and I was really hoping to get some great new pieces.

So here's the question: What did I get?!
I got a dress, two tops, a pair of shorts, and a scarf. All in all, a great box! My stylist did a fantastic job picking pieces for me. I specifically told her that I was still a little self-conscious of my squishy post baby belly. I also wanted a couple of "out of the box" items. So between getting exactly what I asked for and the fun way each item was packaged together (so creative... I should've taken a pic!), it just feels so personalized. And user friendly!

Here's how I styled each item:
I ended up sending this striped top back. Not only was it a little boxy, but I already have a couple of items in my closet that look really similar. Obviously, if I'm getting a carefully selected garment that looks eerily familiar to what I already own, that must mean that my stylist really gets me! I did think the little gold button details were really fun.

I also sent this dress back, but honestly, I can't really give a great reason why. I liked it. It fit well. It was reeeeeally light and comfortable. The print was nice. I guess it just didn't totally blow me away. The style card encouraged me to pair the dress with a denim jacket, which I think looked really cute together.

I knew there was a possibility that I would get accessories in my Fix and even though I thought this scarf was super cute and right up my bright-pink-polka-dot-alley, I just already have a ton of scarves and this one in particular was pretty pricey. I couldn't really justify keeping an expensive scarf, so I sent this one back.

These shorts were the only item in the box that didn't really fit well. They were just a little on the small side... like 2 low carb days and they'd button without a little hangover pudge. Really close but not quite. Plus, just like the striped shirt, I also have a pair of shorts that are remarkably similar to these. For both of these reasons, I sent the shorts back.

Now, before you think I sent everything back, there's this shirt. I LOVE it! It's perfect! The fabric is light and hangs nicely. The style isn't something I'd gravitate towards in a store, but I adore it on. It's ridiculously versatile and the little details are fabulous. I kept this one and I look forward to wearing it very soon!!!

My next box is scheduled for April 16 and I am even more excited after seeing the first box. The cool thing is that with each box, you can send suggestions and comments back to your stylist so that your Fixes evolve into better and better boxes. Awesome!!

I'd totally recommend Stitch Fix, I mean, aren't new clothes fun? Check it out for yourself with my referral link here. 


Erika said...

Love it!! Your hair and makeup are looking fabulous these days, I must say! I'm sad that the scarf was too expensive/'s SUPER pretty!!

Rachel said...

LOVE the top you ended up keeping! I'm getting my 3rd box next week...sort of hope that's in mine!

Amanda McD said...

Love that white top you kept!

Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

Hello from the link up! The top you're keeping is super cute ;) Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!!

Carrie said...

Found your blog searching for Stitch Fix items! I like the shorts actually, Maybe just ran a little small. They look really cute though. are so pretty! Love your hair :)

Abby said...

The top you kept is so cute! I do love the scarf too but probably wouldn't want to pay big bucks for it.

Stay with me here... I'm also glad to hear you saying something about your squishy post baby belly. Because I spend my days going, UGH! Look at how great she looks after having a baby! How come I still feel fluffy?????? All that to say, as an outside looking in, you look great! (but I feel ya!)

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