Monday, May 12, 2014

Little Moments

When I took a look at the last few posts on the blog, it consisted mostly of product reviews. While I've gotten my hands on a lot of great (or not so great) stuff recently, I'm sure reading nothing but product reviews gets old, doesn't it? Plus, so much of this blog is just a journal to remember little moments in our life. So here are a few moments from our last week!

This past week, I tested out a Pinterest idea and it actually worked!!!! Have you seen the pin about rubbing deodorant on a mosquito bite? Well, summer is officially on our doorstep here in rockport, and although I expect the temperature to soar at least 10 more degrees in the next few weeks, the humidity and the mosquitos are already out in full force. I got my first 2 bites of the season while outside in the backyard with Isaac and after rubbing some deodorant on the fresh bites.... they stopped itching. Like nearly immediately stopped itching. By the next day, they were nearly unnoticeable and still no itching. It was a miracle I tell you, and as a mosquito magnet, I am definitely keeping a stick of deodorant (has to be stick, not gel) on hand through the summer. But then again, anyone who knows me, knows that I am a sweaty girl, so I'm never short on deodorant. Pinterest for the win!

Isaac had his 18m appointment and was a total charmer around the pediatrician's office. He's also still sticking around on the high end of the growth charts. 34.75" tall puts him in the 96th percentile for height and 28lb 14oz put him in the 84th percentile for weight. His head circumference is also around 95th percentile making him a melon head. That poor noggin gets so much beating. It was a great appointment and he did so well with his vaccine. But then again, he has just been a great kid lately. We went through a fussy period a few weeks ago, but he shook it off and is so much fun these days. I'm really looking forward to getting out to the beach and pool here very soon, because I think Isaac will LOVE playing in the water this summer.

I hope all the moms out there had a wonderful mother's day! I'm so very thankful for my mom, who taught me how to love sacrificially. Unfortunately, being that we're separated by Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, she had to manage with a virtual hug and a beautiful orchid. My second mother's day was wonderful!  My little munchkin surprised me with a weekend getaway! I guess technically my little munchkin's daddy surprised me, but still-- a vacation! Jordan knows my heart so well and instead of getting the purse I asked for, booked a vacation that I needed. It'll be our FIRST kid-free getaway, which I am so so SO SO excited for. We'll be going back to the incredible riverfront hotel in San Antonio that we stayed at before Isaac was born and already have plans for a couple's massage and dinner at our favorite italian restaurant. June 12 can't get here quickly enough!

Coming up this weekend, I'll be running the Beach to Bay Relay Marathon 2014. It's the 4th time I've run this race and as of today, I'm not sure which leg I'll be running. There's something about running as a part of a team (I'm running with 3 other nurses, a sonographer, and an ob-gyn) that makes me so much more anxious than running for myself. Either way, I've been running fairly often both with and without the jogging stroller and I feel like I'm relatively ready for the race. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, sometimes running along the water in May can be stifling hot. I'm hoping to upgrade my running shoes after this race and have had my eye on a pair of Brooks. We also have a night out with our college students and are getting some company in the form of Jordan's parents this weekend.

Lastly, I've been watching too much HGTV here lately and am ready to repaint and redecorate my entire house. And paint our deck. And put up a backsplash. And do some landscaping. Eek!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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Becky said...

Issac sounds like such a fun little boy!! :) Good luck on your marathon relay!!

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