Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stitch Fix #3

Oh Stitch Fix.

We were really getting to know each other. The longer we've been together, the more fond I've grown of you. And then you go and break my heart.

Call this one the big fail.

You can check out my first two fixes here and here. They were pretty awesome and I've worn my items multiple times and gotten After starting strong and gaining speed, I was fully anticipating my third box to be a total home run. I'd even budgeted to keep all 5 items if they were as awesome as I was anticipating. I think I skipped to the door when fed ex came knocking (because of course I followed the package tracker from the moment I got an email saying my fix had shipped), ripped open the box, and was utterly crestfallen.

Check out what I got:
Top: NY&Co
1. Zena Crystal Palm Collar Necklace
So this necklace was probably the best thing in the whole box... and it was just okay. It wasn't a style that I'd typically be drawn to and I've said before that I just can't justify jewelry at the prices that Stitch Fix offers. Being a former Stella & Dot consultant (and still having S&D friends in high places), I've already got a pretty substantial collection of jewelry. Besides that, it's too easy to find costumey jewelry for less than $15, so I wasn't willing to spend $40+ on this necklace. Returned!

Top: Loft. Necklace: Stella & Dot
2. Charlie Mixed Stripe Maxi Skirt
This maxi skirt was just strange. It fit strangely and had a bizarre slit in it that went up to my thigh (you can kinda sorta see it in the pic). It wasn't particularly comfortable to wear, and I totally believe that a jersey-material maxi dress should be about as comfortable as it gets... outside of straight up pajamas. And I promise y'all, had I turned sideways and lifted my tshirt, it would look like I was 18 weeks pregnant.... and I'm not pregnant. Something about the way the waistband fit and the alternating cuts of striped material-- it just wasn't a look I wanted to sport. Returned!

Cami: Banana Republic. Jeans: 7 for all Mankind. Necklace: Stella & Dot
3. Natasha Front Pocket Sleeveless Blouse
Apparently maternity wear was a minor theme of this box, because this shirt would've been perfect if I were 7 months pregnant and had a baby tummy to flaunt. Instead, the floaty material and front pleat just hung off of me like a tent. It was HUGE. I don't typically gravitate towards the more unstructured, shapeless tops. I've got some major real estate between my belly button and collarbone, which makes these types of tops totally unflattering. Not only this, but the shirt was reeeeally low cut; a feature I'd specifically asked to avoid. The color was beautiful, but that was not enough redemption. Returned!

Pants: Gap
4. Tucker Printed Split-Back Tank
This top was just ugly. There's no getting around it. In fact, this picture was snapped as Jordan was telling me, "Yeah, that shirt is really ugly." It made me laugh out loud. I should mention how thankful I am that my husband puts up with the post Stitch Fix photo shoots and my pickiness. Thanks hubby! So, this top was just terrible. Not pictured is a slit up the back which opened around my rear end, making it look 3x wider than it actually is. Also, I didn't find the sleeves/neckline were flattering. What a vast difference between this top's high neckline and the green top's super low neckline. Returned!

Cami: Loft. Shorts: Gap. Necklace: Stella & Dot
5. Cheryl Chevron Stripe V-Neck Tank
This was the last top in the box and my favorite on a hanger... and probably my least favorite on. It was absolutely completely unflattering and super low cut. The pattern was terrible, the cut of the material was terrible, it was just a hot mess. As I was changing between outfit 4 and 5, Jordan asked if this was supposed to be a workout top. He said it looked like I was wearing one of those sports bra/athletic top combos. Definitely not what I was going for. Returned!

So WHAT HAPPENED?! I went for the styling guide that comes with each fix to see what they've paired everything with, which also includes a little note from my stylist. I was looking for some sort of explanation as to why everything seemed so off. Low and behold, I found out that my stylist had changed!!! I was so frustrated! It seemed like we were starting off at square one again when I was anticipating this box to be even more phenomenal than the last. I sent off an email to Stitch Fix customer service and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the whole situation. I was able to email back & forth with a customer service person who explained that they do move their stylists around occasionally (Any other Stitch Fix users have this happen to them???), but that she would make a note that I would like my old stylist back. She also offered to reimburse the stylist fee and send out another fix within a week to replace the epic fail box. I declined getting another box next week, but I think I'll give it a shot again in June. I also declined having the stylist fee reimbursed, although I think it'd already been credited to me before I replied to her email. Either way, I was really impressed with their customer service, which really influenced my decision to give it another try next month.

New to the Stitch Fix concept? Here are the basics: Become a member and fill out a style profile questionnaire. Schedule your Fix and a personal stylist will put together a box of 5 items (clothing & accessories) based on your style profile. This box comes straight to your doorstep along with styling cards and a message from your stylist explaining her choices for you. Keep what you love, send back whatever you don't love in the envelope provided. If you're interested, you can use my referral link here. It'll get me a credit towards my next fix!


Erika said...

WOW. This was It's like a study in what not to wear! Or 'things that look fine on a hanger and OH HELL NO on a body'!!!! The best parts of each outfit were the things you already owned!! I'm sorry this one was such a fail, but I'm glad for your honesty and willingness to show the reality that not all 'fixes' are 100% magic and unicorns!!! Thanks for letting us laugh! And I hope your next one is WAY better!!

Tonya said...

This seems fun! Maybe I'll try it after the baby :)

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