Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Way Back When-nesday

Last week I posted an old photo I found to instagram and it quickly blew up to this mini-sensation (in my own mind, which, lets face it, more than 20 likes and some comments qualifies as a sensation.), so I though it'd be fun to post some more old photos of my lovey-cakes and me. I ran into a goldmine of great old cringe-worthy photos and could probably find more given some time to dig through closets. We were such babies!

Also, I have completely run out of interesting things to say. I wouldn't exactly say that life has been boring around these parts, but I still have nothing to write about. I've got the blogger's block bad.  Say that 5 times fast.

So, enjoy some embarrassingly old photos instead!
This is probably as old as it gets. If I could make a guess, this was probably either late 2001 or 2002. 
Ah, senior prom. The 30lb fully beaded dress. #whatwasIthinking

Our first engagement session, conveniently scheduled just after I chopped my hair. Olan Mills, eat your heart out. #perfectlyposed
The second (much better/longer hair) engagement session. Still can't shake the matchy matchy look.
And the wedding day! 
 Hope y'all have an awesome Wednesday!


Erika said...

Haaa!! Those are awesome!! I am cracking up at the matching outfits!! Photography has definitely evolved in the last few years!

Kelli @ A Deeper Joy said...

Love these! Y'all are so cute, Hollie :) I love that y'all have that history. Thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

Love, love, love this. You guys are so cute, even way back when. Joe and I were told to wear matching outfits for our engagement pictures. We looked at each other and said, "Nope." (P.S. We ended up wearing what we wanted to.)

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