Monday, August 18, 2014

17 Weeks

Originally I'd planned to write an update around the 16 week mark and last week flew by so fast it made my head spin a little... or maybe it was just because I got up too quickly. Love the second trimester! Here I am at 17 weeks... or 23 weeks left! (that sounds much scarier.)
Total Weight Gain: 8lbs per the Doc's office scale... 6lbs by mine here at home. I'll let my brain believe that my home scale is closer to the truth. Really, it's probably just the difference between weighing first thing in the morning with no clothes on and an empty bladder versus midmorning after breakfast with scrubs on. All I know is that it must've been a man who decided that pregnant women should be subjected to weigh in at every prenatal visit. That alone makes my blood pressure go up. 

Fetal Size: An iPhone with arms & legs! or the size of a turnip, which seems much more boring and harder to visualize. Yesterday during Sunday School, I totally held my phone up to the belly for the high school girls to admire how big my baby had gotten. 

Movement: Yes! Little bumps and flutters. I felt this baby moving much much earlier on than with Isaac. Knowing what to look for made a huge difference,

Symptoms: Heartburn already! I'm pretty certain that started a little later with Isaac. Also, the girls are still tender, I'm still routinely constipated (thanks for that one, prenatal vitamin), and I occasionally still fight off feelings of fatigue, usually the morning after a tough day at work.

Gender: Don't know and likely won't find out! We enjoyed the surprise so much with Isaac that our plan is to be surprised all over again.

Cravings: I went through a dairy kick last week. Otherwise, I swing back & forth between salty and sweet cravings. Nothing too exciting yet.

Aversions: Nothing really.

Next up: 20 week ultrasound for anatomy and size. I seriously can NOT believe I've already got this appointment scheduled. That means I'm nearly halfway through, which is enough to get the cold sweat and hyperventilation going. This pregnancy is flying!


Night Chayde said...

Aww your so tiny!!! Ultrasounds are my favorite. Get to see the little one move around. Makes things feel more real when you get to see them!


Kathy said...

So exciting to see the difference in the two pregnancies. Time flies by so quickly. The baby will be here before you know it.

Caroline said...

How cute are you!!! Love your bump! Hope your 20 week scan goes great!

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