Sunday, September 7, 2014

20 Week Update!

20 Weeks! Halfway to fully cooked! With Isaac's birthdays and the holidays taking place during the second half of this pregnancy, I'm going to say that things are only going to move faster and faster and faster. And then I'll have a baby. Yikes.

Check out this growing bump!!! (and my sad-looking rained-on, ponytail hair) If you need a reference, this is what it looked like just 3 short weeks ago. Talk about popping out!

Total weight gain: Twelve pounds. Bleh.

Fetal Size: A Banana! Or, to make it easier to picture, here are a couple of pictures of my little love!!! 

Movement: Tons of movements all day long. It was especially fun to watch the baby kick and wiggle around during the ultrasound on Friday. Also, Jordan was able to feel some kicks last week! 

Symptoms: Heartburn, which is now being managed with some over the counter antacids. Tums wasn't cutting it anymore and when I started to feel miserable after drinking water, I knew it was time to start something stronger. 

Gender: A surprise!!! What do you think we are having????

Cravings: Nothing especially exciting

Aversions: Not much really

Next Up: Reaching Viability (24 weeks!), then later on, the glucose tolerance test and an additional ultrasound. On Friday during my anatomy scan, the sonographer was able to get great pictures of every organ except the brain (because of the baby's position). Just to be on the safe side, my doctor wants another scan to get those detailed pictures of the brain so we can be certain he or she is growing and developing appropriately. She told me not to worry (there's obviously a brain in that little noggin) and I think I'm doing a good job holding down the anxiety, but its still something that crosses my mind on a fairly routine basis. Otherwise, our stinker looks perfect and is growing right on track! 


Francis said...

I didn't realize you were pregnant again. Congrats!

Whitney Lane said...

You look adorable! And my guess is GIRL, but I have a terrible guessing record. Excited for you guys!

Amanda McD said...

Beautiful baby and beautiful bump!

Angie said...

My guess is girl! I only say that because with my girl that heartburn was unbelievable!

You look adorable :)

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