Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baby #2 Fantasy Registry

Even though Isaac isn't even 2 years old yet, there are LOTS of new and fancy products for babies that have come along since he was born. I have already decided in my own brain what items I liked and disliked the first time around (check out my 17month recap post on this), but there are some brand new (or at least new to me) products that I'd love to check out. In all reality, we have almost zero needs to get ready for baby brother/sister!

Wants? ...Sure...

Needs? Eh, we're pretty much covered.

I mean, our actual registry has a grand total of 20 items on it, half of which are disposable things like diapers, wipes, breast pads, milk storage bags, soap, diaper genie refills, and the like. So just for kicks & grins, I've come up with a totally indulgent baby #2 wish list/fantasy registry... aka:

"What I'd buy if money were no object."
GroAnywhere Blind. Portable blackout curtains! Genius!! Take them with you to the babysitter's house, the hotel, the grandparents house, and transform a room from sunlight filled to dark and sleepy. Since I can easily tell a difference in the quality/longevity of Isaac's sleep in relation to the light in the room, this seems like a no-brainer.
Woombie. I was a huge swaddle fan with Isaac and didn't learn about the woombie until after we'd transitioned him out of the swaddle. The 4-way stretch fabric allows for some stretching and recoil of the arms and legs, while being virtually impossible to break free. Easy to zip on & off and there's no need for blankets which can get tangled up and become dangerous for littles.
Anything from TurbansforTots. Thank you Erika for this one. Obviously, this item is contingent upon  baby M being a girl. Seriously, have you SEEN some of these bows?! Be still my cheetah-print-loving-heart!!! And for the price, I could buy one in every pattern. While we're talking about Erika's terrible baby product influence, I also recently added this to my minimal registry. Consider yourself warned.
Keekaroo Diaper Changer. So during my first pregnancy, I searched for MONTHS for a Cooshee changer, which is basically the same product "sold" by a different company. Anyone who's ever changed a baby knows that solids and liquids don't always stay in the diaper. Heck, just last week, Isaac came home from church nursery with his diaper on backwards (?!?!) and pooped straight out the back (er, front?). What's more gross than getting poop out of your kids hair? Having to deal with poop-crusted fabric changing pad covers. Enter the Keekaroo... a slip proof, non-fabric, one piece changing pad. The coated foam material is bacteria-resistant and wipes down easily. Yay for cleanliness!
A Great Nursing Cover. No more tucking or positioning or sitting weird to prevent a side boob peek. No peek thru at the top to worry about when someone is standing at an opportunistic angle nearby. Super comfortable and breezy modal fabric. Idiot proof, slip proof, and CUTE! Plus, there are lots of options floating around out there (The Dria Cover is what's pictured above) which are cut to fit like infinity scarves, can be worn as a maternity top, or even worn post pregnancy with a belt like a tunic. Yay for multi function! What more can you ask?
A fabulous new purse diaper bag. I love the idea of having another multi function item in my mom arsenal: A baby bag that can double as an everyday bag without doing a double take. Or a roomy everyday bag with plenty of interior pockets that could double as a baby bag. Mostly just a great reason to treat myself to a new purse (as if I needed one...)
Blue Apron Meals. C'mon... what new mom wouldn't love fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to your door with easy to follow instructions for meals that are ready in 30 minutes or less? No grocery shopping. No chopping or meal prep. Plus, the meals are healthy and delicious! Could I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered??? While we're "registering" for meals, I'd also like to register for a maid service and a laundry service. This is a fantasy, right?

So mayyyyyyybe I added one or two of these wish list items to my registry. Judge all you like. But hey, I can get 15% off once this baby arrives!

What would you put on your fantasy baby registry? Or fantasy wedding registry?


Erika said...

Loooooove this list, and if you happen to get 2 of everything, you can pass the extras my way!!!

Tonya said...

Finally found the Woombie for my 4th and LOVE it! Wish I had stumbled across it years ago!

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