Friday, October 17, 2014


Seems like everyone has posted a "Currently" blog in the last few weeks, so being the always-late-to-the-party-follower that I am, I thought it'd be a funny glimpse into my mind. Also, I have a few moments to blog with nothing in my brain worth sharing.

Maybe it's because my brain is feeling more and more empty as this pregnancy goes on. Placenta brain: It's a real diagnosis.

Here's what's happening in my corner at this moment in time:

Listening... to the hummmm of the air conditioner. And nothing else. Sweet, sweet nap time silence.

Eating... a handful of candy corn. Lunch consisted of a frozen pizza. I should make sure to take my prenatal vitamin today, since my nutritional intake so far today has been sugar and cardboard.

Drinking... A big glass of water!

Wearing... The t-shirt I slept in last night, a pair of Nike shorts, and a nursing bra. My overall plan for today was to clean the house and play with my kid, and neither of these tasks require makeup, hair, or appropriate attire. At least I'm wearing shorts and a bra. You're welcome!

Feeling... Irritable. (This hits close to home.) Not sure if it's hormone-related or if everyone around me has purposefully been dancing on my last feeble nerve. Plus, I'm battling another round of congestion and a toddler who has a newfound love of the word "no". All in all, it kind of feels like survival mode. Hence the pizza and day old clothes. #RealLife

Weather... is beautiful! Sunny, breezy, and not fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot. Here in South Texas, we call that a "cold front."

Wanting... a pedicure! It's getting harder and harder to reach my toes, which are woefully neglected right now. Plus, it's still warm enough to wear sandals and flip flops, despite the aforementioned cold front, meaning my toes are committing the ultimate girl crime.

Needing... another glass of water. All this stuffy-nose mouth-breathing has me parched. I guess I could also use some chapstick.

Thinking... I really need to get up and clean the bathroom already. Because it certainly won't clean itself and with lots of wedding festivities this weekend and 12 hour shifts on Monday & Tuesday, it's now or never next week.

Enjoying... all the little bumps and wiggles from baby #2. (He/She likes candy corn apparently) This child squirms around 24/7, and I love it. What do you think Baby Mims #2 is? Little sister or baby brother??

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