Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Isaac!!

I can't even believe that my little baby is now 2 years old! I remember his birth so vividly, it seems like it couldve happened last week. And just like 3 days ago, we celebrated his first birthday. Now, all of a sudden, I've got this chatty, stubborn, hilarious, bossy, sweet toddler on my hands.
What are you up to these days Mr. Isaac?? Most recently, you moved into a new room! In preparation for a new sibling, you "graduated" to a big boy room with a big boy bed instead of a crib. (Pictures & room details to come!) So far, you've done incredibly well with this transition. Sure, we've had a few escape attempts (you were never one to climb out of your crib), and I don't think we're in the clear quite yet, but I'm so proud of you. It just further confirms the fact that you're growing up. *tear
You continue to be really tall for your age, although I noticed youve slimmed down over the last couple of months. Im pretty certain you grew 4+ inches over the summer. You're measuring 36.5" and 33 pounds, which puts you in the 95th percentile. I went birthday shopping last week and was surprised to find out that you should be wearing 3T clothes! And all this growth apparently has nothing to do with your pickier eating habits. Lets face it, you're embracing some toddler independence, telling me some foods are "yuck!" or "gwoss!" even if you happily ate the same thing just a few days prior. Such a silly monkey. Your favorite foods are "pizza" and "fwies and sauce." In speaking about meals, you've also decided you're too big for a high chair and would prefer to sit in a regular chair just like mom & dad.
You've unfortunately learned how to say "NO"and its funnier counterpart, "No way!" Some days discipline is hard and I'm pretty sure I have no idea what I'm doing. But instead of sharing my woes with you, I'd rather choose to spend my time remembering how great you are! Like how you're a pro at the cute-but-mischievous smile when you get into trouble! And like how you give the greatest hugs (a "big kweeze!") and kisses ("meese!"). You're almost always in a happy, playful mood. You're also getting better every day at putting up your toys, cleaning up messes, and throwing trash away. While I'm sure you're oblivious to the implications of gaining a sibling, you seem to be getting more and more accustomed to the baby in mama's tummy. You're happy to say "Hi!" or "Hewwoh baby!" and will even blow kisses to the baby. I'm hoping you'll be a fantastic big brother.

You're SO into Cars and Curious George right now. You've seen Cars so many times, you can quote the movie in several places. Your "Queen" car is your most-played-with toy by far. We read "Curge" (George) Occasionally, you'll ask to watch Nemo, Monsters, Inc. or Thomas the tank engine and rarely we'll read The Little Blue Truck or Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. You love to draw and color with crayons or chalk, ask to go to the park on a daily basis, and remind me everyday that "pool closed." I think your favorite pastime these days is jumping on mom & dad's bed.
You continue to blow me away with your vocabulary and speech. You're speaking in short sentences and coming up with new words and expressions on a minute-to-minute basis. You can recognize most of your letters and can count to eleven. I haven't been especially diligent talking to you about colors, so that's still got some room to grow, but I'm not even remotely worried.
Isaac, you have brought an indescribable amount of love and joy into my life. You made me a mama and taught me what unconditional love feels like and looks like. I am so grateful for you and I pray continuously that I am the momma you need, that God would equip me, and that He would shape and mold your heart. You've been entrusted to us for such a short time and I hope we show you the grace and love that Christ offers. I love you so very much sweet boy!


Becky said...

Happy birthday Issac!!!! What a little man he is now!! :)

Amanda McD said...

Happy birthday, Issac! Love the pic of him in the red handsome!

Kathy said...

Happy birthday, Isaac! When I saw your post I thought "Oh, Isaac's one already." Then I read he was two! Where did the time fly to? He looks so grown up. And even though he's YOUR baby, he's not a baby anymore. *sniff*

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