Friday, November 21, 2014

Baby Sprinkle

Here's a quick little recap post of the sweet little sprinkle that my sisters and best friend threw for baby Mims #2. Almost immediately after announcing our impending bundle of joy, Casey insisted on throwing us a shower to celebrate. I was both flattered and a little concerned... I don't really know how I feel about big showers for second+ babies. Also, we have so few needs, that I didn't really see the necessity in having another shower for this baby. I made all these feelings known to my sister, who quickly brushed them away and insisted on having some sort of celebration for the newest member of our family (isn't she great?). I agreed on the condition that the shower would be more of a sprinkle and easy for her to organize.... basically small, simple, and sweet.
Cutest little invite ever.
My Aunt Dottie (L) and my mom (R)
My dad's wife, Diane
The two Holly(ie)s
My sister Jennifer (L) and niece Mary Elizabeth (R)
Mom and Nana
In all the pictures my sister took, we got zero bump shots and zero shots of me with Casey! I'm so bummed about this (lack of sister shots, not lack of bump shots). She even looked particularly cute that day! Despite my unfortunate lack of picture, the sprinkle was absolutely perfect! We all dined on awesome Boll Weevil desserts and had some quality time to catch up with each other. Much to my surprise, baby M got a ton of great stuff as well!!! We left with a car full of baby goodies and hearts full of love.

Many many many thank yous to the three lovely ladies who made this sprinkle happen.


Kathy said...

I have never heard of a "sprinkle". This is a great idea and one I will keep in mind for the next second (or even third) baby I hear about. Such a nice time for you and I'm sure you appreciate having some new stuff for the new baby.

Em said...

I love the idea of a sprinkle. (-: My friends threw me a surprise sprinkle when I was pregnant with my boys. So fun.

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