Thursday, September 27, 2012


So today I've met one of the last major pregnancy milestones! I am officially 35 weeks pregnant, which means I've only got 35 days left until my due date! This pregnancy has flown by at the speed of light and I am completely thrilled to meet this little person soon. 35 weeks in the L&D world is kind of a big deal. I wrote 2 whole paragraphs about what exactly this means in the L&D world, but had visions of crazed hormonal pregnant women doing stupid and dangerous things to themselves in an effort to deliver. So, I followed my inner voice of reason and deleted both paragraphs. Those crazed hormonal pregnant women who would do just about anything to have a baby are given a relatively tame nickname among OBs and L&D nurses: T.O.T. (tired o'totin.) (Interchangeable with T.O.P. - tired o'pregnancy).

Back to the matter at hand. I'm 35 days shy of that November 1 due date! That just seems entirely too soon! Contractions? Check. Indigestion? Double check. Insomnia? Triple check. All systems are pointing towards the end, which is in sight! This means I've got a few things to accomplish. Lets take a look at what we've got checked off the to-do list so far:
  1. Pre-Register @ the Hospital
  2. Baby shower x3
  3. Paint the nursery
  4. Assemble the crib and furniture
  5. Make a game plan for Mauve during our hospital time
  6. Put together all the baby extras (Stroller, swing, pack n'play, etc.)
  7. Do laundry and organize baby clothes and linens
  8. Make phone call to insurance company regarding our new policy holder.
  9. Obtain final prenatal labs including the lovely booty swiping GBS swab.
  10. Return duplicate baby shower gifts and buy as many packs of diapers/wipes as my credit card will allow before maxing out entirely.
  11. Pre-baby Bikini Wax! (hey- I gotta look these people in the eye again.)
  12. Pre-baby haircut & color
  13. Make phone call to anesthesia provider's office to "preorder" services.
  14. Install the car seat.
  15. Pack a hospital bag.
  16. Pre-baby Mani/Pedi!
  17. Get one final ultrasound for a position check (I'd bet money that this baby is head down) and approximate weight (I'd bet money that this baby is a pretty substantial size already.)
  18. Put together a couple of thank you goodies for my doc, nurse, and CRNA.
  19. Meet/Interview our potential pediatrician.
I don't really see the absolute need to include childbirth classes, CPR classes, breastfeeding classes or a tour of the hospital's labor & delivery unit, nursery, and postpartum. There are a few perks to working where you will deliver. Like already knowing your way around. Like having to attend those all day long education classes on things like breastfeeding and infant life support. Like trapping your favorite CRNA in a corner with a sharp object and threatening that you will call him at home when he is needed and that HE. WILL. COME. Or else. And then getting the warm fuzzies when he reassures you that he would be happy to come to work on his day off and take care of my your anesthesia. 

I wouldn't know anything about that last statement.

And a few things I have left on the to-do list
  1. Finish baby shower thank you cards.
  2. Wash some bottles and pacifiers
  3. Assemble/freeze a few casseroles for myself and prebake/freeze a few treats for my coworkers
I'm sure there are dozens of other things that I could come up with if given enough time to think, but these are definitely the big deals that still loom overhead. If nothing else happens, I'm most anxious to meet with our pedi-to-be and establish a relationship pre-delivery. Another perk of the biz: getting the inside scoop on all the pedi's (or any doc for that matter) straight from the ladies who work with them on a daily basis. Score!

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Casey B said...

I'm glad for your fairly uneventful/healthy pregnancy!! I can't wait to meet baby M. Just tell M not to come Oct 28-Nov 3. How about October 26th. Thats a good day :)

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