Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baby Shower Number Two for Baby "Nims" Number Two

I love my coworkers.

For real. They are the greatest group of strong, intelligent, sassy, loving, compassionate, real, hard-working women that I know. The world of nursing is a funny one... everyone seems to know a nurse, has a cousin or a neighbor who's a nurse, or at the least has interacted with a nurse at some point in their life. Working as a nurse is complex, tiring, difficult, sometimes heart-breaking, and often extremely gratifying. I consider my nurse coworkers to be like a second family. The nature of our occupation makes it impossible not to become close friends. We work in close proximity for 12 hours at a time and rely on each other in stressful, busy situations. When one of us stumbles, we all join together in big ways to help out.

In short, I love my coworkers.

They never cease to amaze me. And most recently, surprised me all over again with an incredible shower for baby #2. I have insisted for the last several months that we didn't need anything for baby #2, that we had all of our "gear" still from Isaac. Despite this, these ladies rallied around me and literally showered me with incredible things. I am so very very humbled and thankful.

Funniest cake ever. Notice the spelling error! This made me laugh until I thought my water was going to break! The sweet coworker who ordered it insists that she corrected the spelling multiple times and in the end, it still came out wrong! So stinking funny. And it has stuck! Word of the blunder has spread throughout women's services and this baby is now lovingly referred to as Nims by anyone and everyone I know at work. I honestly love this and couldn't be more tickled to have such a great little nickname and story to tell this baby when he/she is older.

 The goods! This isn't even all of it... didn't I tell you I was totally humbled by the outpouring of love (in the form of diapers, wipes, and other baby necessities.) THEN, as if that weren't already enough, these ladies pooled together and bought us a gift certificate for birth photography! Love!!! I just get a little misty-eyed thinking about the memories that will be captured... this baby's first moments, our reaction to this sweet little surprise, and most of all, the time when Isaac meets his little brother or sister for the very first time. This isn't something that I would've ever chosen to spend money on myself, so I'm extremely grateful that my L&D family would do something so thoughtful.

The greatest CRNA ever.

The greatest CRNA ever plus the two day shift preggos.

The cake was DELICIOUS by the way. Luckily, I went in for my 37wk appt & weigh in BEFORE the party! Haha!

I can't thank these ladies enough for the ways that they love on me, Jordan, Isaac, and Nims! I must get working on the dozens of thank you cards... pronto!!!


Abby said...

What a sweet shower! And the Nims is hilarious! If it's a boy, I can see that sticking around for a long time! (though Natalie Nims does have a ring to it! :)

And, I totally sound like a creeper, but I noticed the In Bloom photography... she is from my neck of the woods! (unless there is another, which is totally possible...) They did my friends newborn pics and they were fantastic, so I know yours will be great! Maybe I should pass that along to church members for a gift someday! :)

Casey B said...

Aww! That's amazing for you guys. Although who wouldn't love you?

Tonya said...

So fun!! I love seeing all these faces again :)

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