Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Firstborn

It seems like the blog has seen its share of pregnancy related posts. And with good reason; at 37 weeks along now, it feels like my entire world kind of revolves around this coming baby.

With the exception of my firstborn.

I thought i'd spend a little time updating the world on my sweet Isaac. For at least a few more weeks, he's still one of my very favorite subjects to talk about.... and something tells me that's not ever going to change.
Making funny faces in the tub.... 
...and on the couch!
First off, Isaac is a chatterbox. There's very little time during the day where he isnt trying to talk about what's going on in his world. He constantly surprises me with his expansive vocabulary as well as his perception of the world. Oh, and he has this incredible little memory! It's becoming harder and harder to talk about him without talking in "code." I just love how expressive and verbal he is though! He has a lot to say! And in true boy style, he can have entire conversations that consist solely of growls and roars... like tigers, monsters, dinosaurs, and sharks.

Bet you didn't know sharks say "Rawr!"

Isaac loves cars (the movie and the matchbox variety) and Curious George. Occasionally he will tolerate Veggie Tales, Monsters, Inc., and Toy Story. He could "pway cars" all day long. Recently, he has started insisting on napping and sleeping with some of his cars. We compromise by setting his cars along his side table and chest, so they can "watch him sleep"... because he also insists on having a hoard of stuffed animals and blankets in his bed. He is hilarious.

Going along with bedtime related things, I wake up each morning hearing him on the monitor saying, "Moooommmmmmyyyyyy! ....ARE YOU?!?! Moommmmmm ....ARE YOU?! (Where are you?)" It's so sweet and silly and funny. He stays in bed until I open his door, and he'll greet me with a "Hey Mom!" and then rocket out of bed.

Annnnnd he's also two. Which has really started to rear it's stubborn, loud, tantrumy, ugly head. For so much of the time, he is sweet and funny and a big helper. Then there are moments where he makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Parenting a toddler is such a mind game, and it is emotionally draining! Some days are tough and I just pray that consistency, discipline, love, and a lot of chocolate will get me through the difficult days.

He loves bath time more than most any other time of the day. Often times, more water ends up outside the tub than in it. He got a few dozen new bath toys for Christmas, which have been a huge hit (thanks Aunt Jennifer!). I haven't even attempted potty training yet, but he is proficient in peeing in the tub, so there's that.

I adore my little buddy and I seriously couldn't be more excited thinking of him as a big brother.

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