Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ian: 1 Week Old

At this time a week ago, my legs were still heavy from my epidural, but our little boy had made his speedy entrance. I'm working out his birth story in my foggy brain, and hoping to get it down very soon. In the meantime, I'm wondering where the last week has gone.
Just a few hours old
Doing what he does best... sleeping!
A brief bright-eyed moment
Funny Faces
Life has really been sweet. I had forgotten how wonderfully dreamy those newborn days were. All the snuggles and smells are divine. I'm trying to be mindful of my fleeting time with Ian being this tiny, even if our little moments are while the rest of the house is dark and quiet. I've learned that Ian loves cuddling and snuggles, nursing, and sleeping. Shockingly, he's not a fan of diaper changes or burping.

We've survived our first visit to the pediatrician and little brother passed with flying colors. Not only has he already regained his birth weight, he even gained an additional 3oz by day 5 of life, putting him at 7lb 7oz. This is a pretty huge deal, considering Isaac had lost almost an entire pound by day 5. Even though Ian was TWO POUNDS smaller than Isaac at birth, he has very long arms and huge hands and feet. I wonder if he will catch up to his brother one day soon. The similarities don't end there; I see a lot of Isaac in Ian... same lips and chin, same large eyes, some similar facial expressions... what do you think??
Isaac is the top photo and Ian is the bottom (sorry for the repeat!)


Lauren said...

The Zoolander face is definitely Issac's (and yours!).

When my time with those newborn days come, I'll be sure to soak them up!

Congrats again!

Erika said...

Aww yay for sweet babies!! I love the picture of the two of you!!

Emily Gentry said...

Congratulations! How very sweet he is! Praying for you during this exciting time of transition.

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