Friday, May 22, 2015

Ian's 4 Month Update

Ian, you're 4 months old!!!

Once again, we've had a great month with you. You're such a fun boy who is full of personality and life. You continue to love being around people; if you're carried/held, sitting in laps, or being talked to, you completely light up. Your favorite person to be around is still Isaac and you could hang out in bed with him, watching and giggling for hours. Luckily, Isaac is pretty excited when you're around also. We're also lucky that you're a sturdy kid, because your brother has body slammed you once or twice while playing together on the bed. Watching the relationship develop between you and Isaac brings me such joy.

Speaking of sturdy, you're nearly busting out of 6 month size clothing. You report Tuesday afternoon for a 4 month checkup and I'm excited to see how much you've grown since last month (16# 14oz and 25.5" long!). Around 10/11 weeks, you were 14 pounds, so now that you're 16 weeks, I wonder if you've once again "caught up" with Isaac (He was 17 pounds at the 4 month well-child visit, so we will see). You're wearing size 2 diapers.

You've had a great month sleeping; I can't complain AT ALL. You're still sticking to your routine of 6 feedings and 3 naps, and sleep from 7pm to 7am with a dream feeding snuck in around 10pm. I'm pretty certain you'll drop a feeding pretty soon, so I'm gradually working the late night feeding back. You're sleeping unswaddled all the time now, which was a total breeze to accomplish. You're a little wiggle worm at night, but I catch you sleeping on your side a good bit of the time.

The biggest news I have to share about my 4 month old BIG boy.... is the arrival of his first tooth! After weeks of chewing, thumb sucking, and drool, I took a peek inside his mouth and just under the gumline was a little tooth. I was shocked!!! Then yesterday (5/21), when he was technically 4 months old, he celebrated the occasion by cutting that little tooth through the gum. And then there was much weeping and lamenting in the Mims house. My baby is growing so fast!

Ian, you are pure joy and sweetness wrapped in a squishy little package. You are so deeply loved! I am so incredibly lucky to be your mom.

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Amanda McD said...

1) Gahhhh! He's is THE cutest! (I think I say that every month, but it bears repeating)
2) He is about 2 pounds less than Madeline and she is 15 months 🙈
3) A tooth?!? Big boy!

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