Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year in Review

-Moved from Postpartum to full-time (day shift!) position in Labor & Delivery; something I'd been working towards since graduating nursing school!!

-Celebrated Valentines day.... what can I say? February was pretty blah.

-Andrews Womens Hospital opens, marking the end of the "calm" days in L&D

-Visited San Antonio for the first time since moving to Texas with our fab friends Holly & Wade.
-Started blogging

-Spent a night in the Emergency room with Jordan after he was unable to keep food down for 3 days.
-Took a trip back home to Georgia to see my older sister get married.

-Turned a year older; celebrated Jordan's birthday too

-Celebrated our 2 year anniversary with a trip to San Diego, California
-Got my wisdom teeth pulled, the first of a very long battle with my teeth (still bothersome!!!)
-Finally put a name to the problem that had been plaguing my eyes for months; Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. That was also a long, frustrating battle!

-Started the last year here @ seminary

-Made a second trip to San Antonio with my mom- her first trip anywhere outside of DFW (in Texas, that is...)
-Started running and set a goal to run a half marathon by February 2009. Mom's coming into town again and going to run the Cowtown with me.

-Made our first trip to the Texas State Fair and ate some country fried bacon. Yes I had indigestion for the next 4 days.
-Spent Halloween with Cameron & Ava, who dressed up as a pirate and cheerleader, respectively.

-Took a weekend vacation with some good friends to a Bed & Breakfast in East Texas and spent the entire weekend eating & scrapbooking.

-Took only the second trip to Georgia this year to celebrate Christmas with our family

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