Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year

I had meant to write my "new years" post... on January 1. 

oh well!

Anyone else make a new year's resolution?? After years and years of swearing off resolutions, I finally this year decided to resolve to change a thing or two. I'm hoping the mere fact that these changes were made as "new years resolutions" wont ruin the intention behind them, as most often, resolutions waste away to good intentions within the first few days of the new year. So what's my resolution, you ask?? Simple. I resolve to take better care of my body. Cheesy and over played, I know. It'll be something that I can work on here and there all year and hopefully transform myself from a couch-dweller to a health-nut. First things first? A new skin-care regime. I've been using the clinique 3 step skin care.... yellow moisturizer and all. For since as long as I can remember (ok, maybe just since like age 13), I've only washed my face once a day. Gross, I know... but thankfully, I've always had fairly good skin, save for the few well-timed (aka PMS-related) breakouts. To prolong the life of my fairly good skin, I am determined to take better care of my skin. No more going to bed with the day's makeup still hanging around. Maybe I can prolong the life of my pillowcase too.

In addition,  I am still running. In fact, this week I've actually started an official training schedule. I'm excited to know that I'm pretty much on track and dont have any catching up to do. I'm following the Cowtown half marathon training schedule- I've got 8 weeks left until it's race day! In keeping with the "better me" resolution, I hope to run 3-4 days a week even after race day is over. Maybe if I can find enough other races through the year, I'll stay on track, because I have good reason to.

What other things am I looking forward to this year???
-Babies!!! Our next door neighbors are due this month. The Stranges are due in March. The Whittens are due in April. The Lowrys delivered Saturday night. The Crawfords are due in May. Melissa & Brandon are expecting # 2 in June. There's something in the water!!! I'm throwing a shower for sweet Catherine and her boy-to-be Carter in February, which I am really really excited about. I know she keeps up with this blog, so I cant say much about what's going to happen, only that it will be so so so fun. I'll help out with a "sprinkle" for Michele- it's her second baby, a girl- her first was a boy. So we're doing a small get together for some sweet girly goods. I'll probably have some part of a shower for Stacy later this spring. Lotsa lotsa lotsa babies! Dont ask me when we're gonna get knocked up- I dont know. Maybe later this year, maybe next year. We'll see. Lets just get through seminary first.

Which just so happens, wont take much longer. It's hard to believe that our journey here at Southwestern is ending in May. I'm not too worried right now about the big changes that will take place after graduation, but I'm sure as the time grows closer and we start talking about where we will serve from this summer on, the nerves will be jumping. I dont really have a reason to be nervous, I'm just by nature a worrier. It's something I struggle with often- I think it stems a lot closer from my control issues than anything, which I also struggle with. But God's been faithful so far, and I can rest easy knowing he'll continue to care for Jordan and I as we move into the next phase of our lives. First things first, Jordan's got to finish this I-term.

I am thrilled to be visiting New York City in April! Baylor has this great education fund for it's employees that I'm finally going to put to good use. Two other nurses (whom I love), a midwife (whom I also love!!) and myself are going to an OB conference- and the education fund is paying for our airfare, hotel, and conference dues!!! We're all staying together.... for a few days longer than the conference lasts. Its my first trip ever to NYC and I am super super excited. I love the girls I'm going with and we'll have enough time for sight-seeing, eating, broadway, and most important.... SHOPPING! I gotta work some extra days here and there between now and then- so I can make sure and have plenty plenty plenty of shopping money! 

I need something from my faithful readers: your favorite Bible verses. I'll tell you why later- just post a comment with the whole verse or just the book/chapter/verse. Thanks!!!


Melissa said...

And ME! :) Haha.

... 1 Corinthians 13. Cheesy, maybe. But what I think about daily.

Megan said...

How can I condense Pslam 139??
Okay how about vs. 23 &24.

Melissa said...

Hahahahaha. :) You're a dweeb, but that makes me a dweeb lover.

PS- June 23rd.

Carey said...

Philippians 4:11-13.

I'll be in NYC, too, in April! 14th-20th. What about you?? And do you need any help with the shower? I'm sure you've got it covered, but if you need food help or whatever, I'm planning on being there and would love to roll up my sleeves or get enlisted for something. Just holler.

Shannon said...

Hebrews 11:1

01 09 10