Monday, March 2, 2009

The Aftermath

My toenails hurt... just one on each foot, which is weird. The toes directly to the side of my big toe (the piggy that stayed home). I hope they dont fall off! That would be gross. My nana had to have a toenail removed and now she paints the skin where her toenail used to be. I dont want painted skin!

Otherwise- I cant wait to get back out and run again! I've given myself a few days off, because my knee was really sore and stiff after the race. Maybe next time I should invest in some sort of brace. 

Enough about running; on to the only other topic I ever talk about anymore... Jordan's job search. 

So the church in Garland let him know today that they're "moving in a different direction." That's polite church talk for NO. This is a relief, not because I wasnt interested in Garland- it's the closest opportunity we've had so far. I'm sure Jordan is overwhelmed, because I'm overwhelmed and I barely have a part in all this. So anyway- I'm relieved to have a closed door. Isn't that funny? Wednesday, we have a dinner date with a pastor from Sandersville (Georgia). Then we'll go back to Rockport in a few weeks to look around the city a little more and go to church and see what we think. I'll be honest, we've looked at a lot of real estate in Rockport. Not a good thing... i'll get all worked up and then maybe it's not the place for us. We'll see. 

So we're going back to Augusta next week, which I'm really excited about! Jordan's getting ordained- that's the main reason for our visit, but it will be wonnnnnnnderful to see everyone again! I'm looking to put some sort of "receptionish" deal together for Jordan on Sunday night after the service. We looked into a few expensive things, and I think we're just going to have everyone who wants to come over (where yet, I dont know!!! I need ideas!!!) and eat. Probably Wife Saver. Delicious. I was going to be all industrious and make little official invites, but I still dont know what we're doing or where we're doing anything, which makes creating invitations difficult. Reminds me: I need to post pictures of the neato stationery I made for a coworker friend. 

By the way: the music (the only song) playing is the song I'll always get misty-eyed to. I usually always read blogs on mute, so I'm sure nobody listens, but IF you do... I love this song. It's the song I walked down the aisle to when I got married, which sounded a little different at the time (as a live string quartet vs. the rendition playing now), but still wonderful. loooove.


Megan said...

Oh, Sandersville! You know thats not TOO many exits up I-20 from us! Can't wait to see you next week. And, I wish I had ideas on where to do a reception type thing. Will West Acres let you use the fellowship hall?? I'll be happy to cook a dish or something if you need it!

jenniphers said...

I love that Sissel album!

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