Monday, March 23, 2009

Sorry George

I was a little butterfly-tummy nervous at Jordan's ordination. I wasn't quite sure what to expect and was certain that I would be either weepy or out of my seat entirely for some reason or another during the ceremony. Because I felt like at one point I may become incapacitated, I entrusted my camera to my able-bodied, technologically savvy father-in-law. He, in turn, took blurry pictures of the ordination ceremony, some so blurry it's hard to tell what the picture is of. So if anyone has pictures of Jordan's ordination, please let me know!!! I gotta scrapbook this momentous occasion and I cant very well do that with blurry pictures, now can I?????

Speaking of scrapping, here are some pictures of my recent work. A coworker friend of mine asked for some stationery and here's what she ended up with: 

Flat Card (for informal hellos)

Folded Card (for more wordy Thank yous)

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