Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More to Come...

I have a lot to say and my bed is screaming my name. Perhaps I can post again tomorrow while packing for Augusta (!!!!YAY!!!!).

Fun (and stress-inducing) patient of the day??? We had a lady come in to triage having no prenatal care, thinking she was "pretty close to her due date, like maybe today" and she was completely dilated and BREECH! So only minutes later after a few grunts and screams, as she obviously didnt have time for an epidural, here comes a baby- butt first! Scarrrrrry! Thank goodness the baby came out and was completely fine, as this could have been a total nightmare. Yikes- I dont even want to think about what COULD have happened. And what's the most frustrating and ridiculous thing of all??? After the delivery, this patient turned to the doc (the poor guy who happened to have ER call today- the guys who get all the walk-ins) and said, "Well I guess it's a really good thing I didnt ever go to the doctor, because they would have made me get a c-section and I dont want a c-section." seriously?


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