Monday, November 2, 2009

I hate you Google Analytics (and a George Update!)

I've had good ol google analytics hooked up to the blog for several months now, checking to see what kind of traffic I'm getting. It's been helpful -and interesting- to know where folks are looking in from and whatnot. Until this morning. For the first time ever since getting analytics, my visitor total read 0. Zero. Zilch. None. Nothing. Nada. Zip-o. I contemplated axing the analytics just to keep from seeing that again!

Apparently, Jordan and I (and Cas!) are the only ones who appreciate the youth Ministars!

I chose some fabulous fabric for the bathroom and the curtains are now d-o-n-e! I've shown them to one other person besides my hubby and she said they were very Donna Reed (hint!). Once I get towels and some fab matching accessories I'll take loads of pics, so check back soon!!!

I also have an update and prayer request from Mr. Mims. His stay at SLRH may be ending soon- but not because he's fully rehab'd. Insurance has only agreed to pay up to TODAY. This means, that unless his rehab doc can convince the insurance company that he needs more time (which is true!!!), he will be forced to go home sometime in the next couple of days. They would then only be left with the option of home rehab, which would have to be paid for out of pocket. Mr Mims still isnt at the point where Mentis (the neuroskills center) is an option. We need a lot of prayer that he will be able to stay in the rehab hospital!! He is able to transfer to and from a wheelchair (to the bed, to the toilet, etc.) but not without assistance. He can also move and squeeze his left hand!! He is making great great progress every week but is nowhere near ready to come home and care for himself! Both Mr. & Mrs. Mims are stressed about what will happen next. I will post again when I hear anything! Your prayers are appreciated!!!


Erika said...

ohh Analytics. It can be so uplifting and also so devastating...and you just never know until you've already clicked and done the damage. Mine has been depressing lately because in late September I won a giveaway on a famous blog and they linked to my blog and so I had thousands of hits as a result of that...well of course they tapered off after a week or so...but now, when it's comparing my month's traffic to the last month's it's down like 400% every day..haha. Oh well. My fave part is seeing what people Googled to find me! You should post the interesting ones!

Monica said...

Am I the only one who finds it weird I can't anonymously stalk blogs? I never knew about this google analytics. Ah well. Hope the analyzer is looking up for you next time.

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