Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Digs

After probably the easiest and most delightful ACLS renewal I've ever taken (can you imagine? A Delightful ACLS class? Unheard of.), I visited the local sports store for a few running essentials. I've been running regularly and realized quickly my need for a few new things.

For Example:

A few new pairs of running shorts and a new moisture wicking t-shirt. I dont really know where the moisture is wicked away to, but I would wholeheartedly prefer a dri-fit T to a plain ol cotton one. I think this has something to do with the fact that I sweat like a donkey while running. I am certain as I am picking out my shorts & tshirts that once I have them on, I will look like this:

Another purchase? New shoes. Ahhh, new shoes.

Structured cushioning with gel padding here there and in the corners as well as duomax support. All this for medium-arch-mild-over-pronators like myself, hoping to obliterate the knee and shin pain I have after running. While I do run in Asics (and love them), I am not getting paid to put this picture up. Asics doesn't know me from Adam.

So I'm pretty motivated now to get out and try out my new digs. Hopefully the rain can hold off long enough to get some pavement time in!

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Carey said...

i'm needing new shoes soon, i think. i think it's also time for another pair of spandex shorts. i ran today without them and my thighs are already chaffed. geeeez. not fun BUT what is fun is that we are both kicking butt!! great job, hollie!

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