Thursday, April 8, 2010

Big Changes

Jordan and I are slowly turning our house into a home. Moving from a 700sq ft apartment into our house (1824sq ft!) means we have some small sized furniture in a large space.

Case in point: our dining table.

I love our little table. It has served us well for 3+ years now, but now that we have room for a bigger table and host weekly dinners with a dozen or more teenagers, it's time for something larger. So by this afternoon, we'll have our little two-seater replaced with a table that seats at least 6 (with room for more!). I am thrilled to have extra space- I LOVE having folks over and I LOVE to cook (obviously) but I hate having to do dinner around the coffee table. I also look forward to decorating the table! Yay!

But there is a little bittersweet element to our fabulous new furniture procurement (pictures to come- I promise!). Our little 2-seater has a silly special place in my heart- it was our first "big" purchase right after we got married. We had just moved to Fort Worth and needed something to eat on other than our couches. We bought it from Ashley Furniture and it was a perfect fit in our tiny space. Ahhhh, memories. I'll miss our little pub table.

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Erika said...

I feel similarly nostalgic every time we get rid of our stuff!! Even though most of it was pre-used even before WE acquired's still "our" stuff!!

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