Friday, April 16, 2010

Cheddar Chicken

Two things I will always love:

1. Not having to run to the store before cooking dinner (aka: Pantry Meals). My go-to pantry meal? Chicken Pot Pie (which isnt really a "pie" because it has a crunchy stuffing crust). I'm not good at making weekly menus. And i'm not good at shopping for meals. So, it's not uncommon to make a grocery run (or call Jordan to make a run on his way home) before cooking. I should work on this. Carey, you're my hero.

2. A new way to make chicken. We eat chicken regularly, so any time I come across a yummy new way to prepare chicken (hello chicken spaghetti & chicken cordon bleu!), I'll file it away and use it again.

SO, when I was looking through the new Real Simple and saw the recipe for Cheddar Chicken, I thought to myself, "that looks pretty yummy."

Fast forward to tonight. I've got chicken thawing in the sink and a hungry husband. Personally, I want pizza or something cheesy- so my first thought is Chicken parmesan. But we dont have any mozzarella. Then I remember the cheddar chicken recipe. Perfection.

So I crack out the magazine and begin preparation.

Almost there...


Add in some sauteed potatoes and a salad (and some Sister Schuberts! Yum!) and there's a meal in approx 30 minutes. Did I mention I also love quick meals???

So what's the verdict? The chicken was alright. Can I be really honest? I didnt finish it. It was juicy but the garlic was REALLY overpowering and I didnt use but a fraction of what the recipe called for. The cheese wasnt all gooey like I was hankering for. I'm thinking that if (IF) I make this again, I might do garlic powder instead of chopped garlic. OR maybe Tony Cachere's and no garlic at all! I'd say my Wednesday night meal was much more successful (grilled chicken with fettucine alfredo- the real stuff- NOT from a jar.)

I need some new chicken recipes... what's your favorite/go-to/pantry Chicken meal? (thanks to Carey again for posting this on fb. I need some inspiration!)


Erika said...

Well it certainly LOOKS delish. If in doubt, though, just skip the chicken and go straight for the Sister Shuberts. THAT is a sure bet!

Gina said...

Potato Chip Chicken is really yummy, and easy. It's on the Betty Crocker website. I also stole your potato recipe! I love potatoes, you can do so much to them.

Gina said...

Oh... and Salsa Chicken!!

chicken breasts
jar of salsa
1/4 or so cup water
(parmesan, shrooms, onion - if you like)
*heat on stove, medium - until chicken is done.

I LOVE this! Now you've got me thinking of chicken recipes. Goes great w/ a salad.

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