Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adventures In Georgia Vol. II

We were also in Georgia over Mother's day, which was a delight! I dont think I've spent a mother's day with my mom since we've moved to Texas. We spent a good bit of the day at my Aunt's house with my mom and my Nana. She's pictured above for those of you still salivating over her Cherry Yum-yum recipe (which has been updated-- so check it out again if youre planning on trying it. Some of the measurements have changed!). And let me tell you- her Cherry Yum-Yum is just the tip of her culinary iceberg! She is SUCH a good cook. She has a pineapple-coconut cake that is also one of my very very favorite things. Maybe one day I'll snag that recipe too. Coming soon, I'll post a recipe for Green Jacket Dressing, which is an awesome vinegar/oil-based salad dressing.

This is Papa & Pierre. He's a riot.

The dog is pretty cute too.

While in Georgia, I also went bridesmaid dress shopping with Casey. I still cant believe she's A. Graduated from college and B. Getting married. While there, Casey tried on her dress again, which was great because I wasnt with her when she originally chose it. For those of you who know my stone-cold tendencies, I did NOT cry when I saw Casey in her dress. I have pictures of Casey's dress (which I obviously wont post) but no pictures of the bridesmaid's dress that she chose! Click the link below to see a picture of our dress (it will be the bordeaux color)

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