Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winners and Losers!

After a rough few days at work, I'm ready for some fun & excitement! Sometimes patients (and their family members) can be so mean. And sometimes, they expect they are staying at a luxury resort!!!!

For example:
Pt's family member talking to patient while I am at the bedside: "Well, we could always go to that other hospital, at least they have better nurses there."

Apparently Hollie = Loser.

And then:
Pt has delivered (vaginally) 2 hours prior and is refusing to get out of bed to transfer out of her laboring room. She is sitting up on the side of the bed acting like a limp noodle. She asks for something to eat so I bring her some graham crackers and juice. (After I'd told her how to order her own meals) I unwrap the crackers and hold them out to her and she opens her mouth expecting me to feed her.


At least there's one winner here today...

#11: Oksana "I love the MALIBU MESSENGER HANDBAG JOEL DEWBERRY DAMASK, its looks so stylish, so amazing and so cute!!!"

Congrats!! I'll send your info to Liz, so expect an email from her shortly!

Thanks to everyone who entered! That was so fun, I'm ready for another great giveaway!!!!

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Kristina said...

so I shouldn't ask my nurse at the hospital to hand feed me graham crackers?


that is really incredible.

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