Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Class of 2010

Congratulations to our seniors!!!!

This past Sunday was our senior recognition service and then afterward a reception for our graduates and their families. We are so blessed to have these kids in our youth group and they will be a major asset to their college campuses! By Friday night, they will all (except Nicole- but we love you too!) be official graduates of Rockport-Fulton High School!

Just remember grads: God has equipped you with talents, knowledge and desire. Dont forget that when you're up at 2am still writing a paper that's due by 7am. Continue to keep your eyes on the Lord and seek His guidance in all things. You were created to be a pharmacist / coach / music therapist / missionary / game warden / music minister / youth minister / teacher / baseball player / sports manager / business owner / chef / writer, so know that what is in your heart is worth working for! "Dont Stop Believing!"

(Thanks Nicole for posting these pictures to your facebook... so that I could steal them)

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