Monday, May 24, 2010


Have you ever been bitten with the "not-good-enough" bug? That nagging, sinking, suspicious feeling that no matter what, something is just not good enough? If I were to ask myself that question, it should probably be rephrased into this: "Have you been bitten by the "not-good-enough" bug today?"

Feelings of inadequacy plague me. Everything from my shoes not matching well enough to my walk with God not being good enough. It's a vicious cycle really. Lets say, for example, that I begin to feel like my car isn't good enough. I want a newer, shinier, fancier car. Fast forward a few minutes and I'm feeling guilty for not being grateful for what I have (a working, reliable car).

So here's a question: What is the cure for this bug that plagues us all? What is the way to pure contentment? What can I do to fully embrace God's blessings and let go of my own nagging insecurities?

Over the next month, I will investigate on my own what the Bible says about letting go of insecurities and hang-ups. I'll be blogging as a guest contributor on the Women of Noble Character blog. How do you overcome the depressing feelings of inadequacy?


Your favorite Aunt LuLu said...

I have that feeling probably at least everyday. Mainly at work. And the only thing I do is try my best and ask questions along the way. If it's still not up to par, I do it again and ask more questions.

Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one out here who has these feelings.

Samantha said...

I'm really excited to learn about what you discover. I have this feeling at least once a day as well. Something about myself is always not good enough! It really comes back to trusting God and being thankful for what He has blessed us with. But it's hard to beat those feelings sometimes!

Megan said...
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Megan said...

think this is such a great topic to investigate...especially in a material sense, where we all fall victim to desperately trying to live our own versions of the "American dream". I think many times, sadly, it comes down to not believing that Jesus is enough. Not that we would ever verbalize that...but our hearts probably show a different reality much of the time. In all areas of life Jesus should be our sole source of contentment. The truth is if we were hungry, poor, homeless, talentless, lonely, and had nothing to our name, the hope we have in Christ would be enough. We are so rich!

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