Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One.... or seven in dog years

Someone in the Mims house is having a birthday today!

She's black & furry & full of spunk!

Mauve is 1 today! Happy Birthday little Mauvey!

At our last visit to the vet, you weighed 85lbs!!! Dr. Cruzer had to give us a little weight loss pep talk. You're bigger than we ever thought you'd be! You love to eat and thankfully havent had doggy diarrhea in a long, long time. I think you're even ready to eat normal (non prescription) dog food again!!! Hurray for Ol'Roy!! (just kidding)

You've made a friend in Tinsley Pazera and will run around with her until you barf from exaustion. You like to sunbathe on the back patio first thing in the morning. Your favorite toys are your "human bone" (nylabone) and your hotdog. You can sit, laydown and bark sometimes on command. I love that you dont go in the carpeted areas of the house although I'll never know how you learned to do that.

You're funny and loving- sometimes a little irritatingly overloving, but we would have a boring home without you! Happy Birthday little furchild!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hollie! I did a search for Dr. Cruzer's number, and your blog came up first with a picture of your puppy. I see you in church often, but have not introduced myself. So...hello and welcome!

I just started blogging about my farm. It is if you are interested. I'll say hi next time I see you. Justin

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