Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mouse House

Hurray (!!!) for one of the greatest vacations ever.

So many great memories. There are lots more pictures to come, so prepare for Mickey Overload here @ blog-o-holl*ic.

We hit all 4 major parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom) and Downtown Disney. While the weather was hot Hot HOt HOT, we never bought tickets to either waterpark, thus, we cooled off at one of the 4 pools at our Resort.

Our vacation-mates werent half bad either. (especially after I invested in a pair of earplugs! Ha!!) Seriously- I loved spending time with Philip & Samantha. The Miller boys bring out a side to my husband that is rarely achieved by anyone else.

H-Wood Studios


Funny story about this above picture. Ok, 2 stories. First: that's the tallest onion volcano tower thing I'd seen done before. This guy made something like a 24 layer onion volcano tower. Ridiculous. Second: The lady sitting next to us (that's her kid & husband pictured) was checking in her reservation when Sam & I walked up. We were trying to get a table but didnt have a reservation. When the lady heard we wanted to do this Japanese place with no reservation, she scoffs at us and says "heh- no reservation? You will not get in without a reservation"

Well guess what lady? Not only did we get a table, but you're our teppanyaki tablemate!

Animal Kingdom

I think Samantha & I may have underestimated this behemoth sized rice-krispy treat. Before this past week, I couldnt tell you the last time I'd eaten a rice-krispy treat. Lets just say, not only did we make a formidable divot into the Mickey shaped treat, but I've already made a pan since returning home.

But eating a RK treat at home watching TV doesnt hold a candle to eating a Mickey-shaped RK treat on vacation at 12:30am in the resort's hot tub.

Speaking of the resort, we stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort and the picture above is only about a quarter of the resort. It was huge! I had never stayed at a Disney hotel/resort before but Jordan reassured me it was worth it. Our Cabana was super close to the main hot tub/pool, which we hit almost every day. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Coronado and would love to stay here again sometime.

Jordan wants to go back in March.

Stay tuned for more pics, more stories, and a report from the first annual youth-led appreciation banquet (and a to-die-for salad dressing recipe.)

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Erika said...

I think that rice krispy treats are HIGHLY under-rated. Personally, they're one of my favorite treats. I never make them myself (hate cleaning the sticky marshmellow pan) but my MIL makes KILLER RK treats that I request quite frequently. YUM!

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