Sunday, June 20, 2010

Say What?

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Yesterday, I had a lucky hour.

I'd say it was my lucky day, but then I did something stupid and left my hairdryer at my in-law's house. So we'll stick with lucky hour.

Yesterday, Jordan and his dad went to a gun show (yawn.), so I decided to do some shopping. I navigated my way to the Crate & Barrel in Houston expecting to spend my birthday gift card there and head back to Sugarland to finish any other shopping I was wanting to do. Little did I know, the shopping center where C&B resides is also home to a plethora of fantastic stores (Hello Highland Village!). And what sits right in the middle of this shopper's destination?


So I've declared my love for Sprinkles cupcakes on this blog before. I was stoked to see its newest location (ok, so I was giddy as a child and did a happy dance in the car) and the line of people winding out the door, waiting just as I would for a few delectable cupcakes. I found a parking spot and made my way to the back of the line.

Here's where things got a little uneasy.

Apparently, this Sprinkles location doesnt open until tomorrow (Monday, June 21) and these people waiting in line are all employees at various shops in Highland Village. They are there because Sprinkles sent them a special invitation to a sampling party. Hmmm. I didnt RSVP. I'm not even a Houston-ite. Thankfully, the lady waiting in line in front of me claimed me as her own and I got a special sticker denoting my worthiness. Thank you nice lady!

So we waited in line for 20 or so minutes, not understanding what the plan was. The invitation was vague and the patrons leaving were saying things like, "one per person." and "not selling cupcakes until Monday" It was dang hot. Houston in July in a parking lot in the sun hot. Finally, I get inside and there are all my favorite confections! They even have strawberry-- my most favorite flavor! A nice lady behind the counter calls me over and I make my plea for a strawberry cupcake. Then, I press my luck and ask for a Red Velvet cupcake also. The nice lady looks at me and goes...

"Is that all?"

Oh joy! Rapturous Joy!!! I meekly ask for a Key Lime cupcake (the special flavor this month) and cap off my trip at 3 cupcakes. One was for Jordan, I must add. I get a Dublin Dr. Pepper and prepare to pay. The nice lady hands me my bag and says...

"Have a great day!"

Seriously? 3 free cupcakes and a free DP!!!! What's even better? I downed the Dr. Pepper while waiting for my cupcakes to be boxed and bagged and sprinkled with the crack cocaine that must make them so addictively delicious, and they gave me a mexican Coke for the road! All this for the girl who didnt really belong there in the first place! Thank you again nice lady for claiming me and getting my name on "the list."

Great day.

Check out the FBC Women blog tomorrow for my guest post about the plague called "Not-good-enough-itis."


Casey D said...

Fancy Pants! Your so lucky :)

Melissa said...

Does Sprinkles ship to South Dakota? You seriously have me craving a cupcake, or 12. :)

Erika said...

What a great story!!! Lucky girl!

Your favorite Aunt LuLu said...

What's the back story on Dublin Dr Pepper and mexican Coke?... I'm literally scratching my head.

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