Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Girl Talk

I am thrilled to begin discipling a small group of high school girls. This is definitely something that I have always been passionate about. We have started this book...

(Image taken from Lifeway)

... which I think will be perfect as a starter.

The book is divided into 2 parts and is geared toward 2-person mentorship. It will be the beginning of a "Big Sister/Little Sister" pairing. I am so excited to get these girls together and believe it will strengthen friendships and build new bonds in the youth ministry. I also hope it will leave a more lasting legacy as other girls (and guys!) in our group will see & be drawn to similar partnerships. Also be aware that this is not a book that is necessarily designed for teens, but encourages pairings like mothers & daughters and older women & young marrieds.

The idea is that throughout this summer, myself and this very small (3-5) group of kids will cover the first half of the book which teaches the girls a new and easy way to do topical studies of the Bible. It helps them (and me!) navigate the Bible when you're looking for answers on a specific topic. Then, the second half is comprised of 10 studies that can be done with another person and uses the study techniques covered in the first half.

I am so eager to see what comes from this. The Lord is so sweet in blessing those who seek after Him and I think these "Big Sisters" are going to be just as fulfilled as the "little sisters" that they will be discipling. Please be in prayer for our older girls who are currently studying and for the younger girls they will be paired with!

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