Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweet memories

Five years ago today, my sweet & loving husband asked me to be his bride.


Tomorrow is our four year anniversary!

In honor of all this mushy lovey stuff, I'd like to dedicate this blog post to someone very special to me...

(photo by Kevin Jiminez)

... my sweet anonymous friend!

Listen to this great story:

Shortly after getting engaged, Jordan and I went to eat dinner with friends Mitch & Debbie. This wasnt unusual, because at that time in our lives, we spent a great deal of time with the Verdells. I remember so much about that night. It had stormed that afternoon. We ate at a lake house the Verdells were staying at for the week. We had lasagna & salad. I remember all this because Debbie dropped a bomb on me that night! Someone wanted to pay for my wedding dress!!! I had planned on paying for my dress myself and had saved up my pennies from working 2 jobs (at one point)- and I was also working my way through nursing school. Then I get this unexpected anonymous gift! It was such a wonderful blessing! I am so grateful. Still to this day, I have no idea who purchased my gown for me- I dont know if they were even invited to the wedding!

Dear Friend,
I am still so very grateful for the way you have blessed me and Jordan, both on our "special day" and the many days since our wedding day when I think of our "special gift." I think of you often and hope you have been blessed just as I have. I want to sincerely thank you for such a sweet and personal gift.


Melissa said...

What an awesome story!

Happy Anniversary!!

Your favorite Aunt LuLu said...

I taking from this that wedding dresses are magically free to the bride? ;o)

Enjoy your special day!

Kristina said...

Love it. God is so kind like that.

That veil is gorgeous!

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