Sunday, July 18, 2010

Highland Lakes Camp: A Recap... a LONG recap

Ok, so have I made it abundantly clear how awesome our week at Highland Lakes was?!

Because if not, then by the end of this long, picture-heavy post, hopefully those of you who didnt accompany us will have a small taste of the great time that was had by the adults and campers.

We took 36 campers and 6 adults (plus little Jackson, Grace & Delilah Dupnik!) and by the end of the week, 8 youth had accepted Christ and 5 had professed a calling in ministry (2 specifically to missions, 1 to evangelism, 1 to counseling and 1 undecided). What an awesome, fruitful outcome!!! It was such a blessing to see our students open up to each other and share their hearts. We saw first hand a few students be transformed; coming in on day 1 more interested in games & girls (or boys) and leaving with a heart for Christ. My prayer now is that these students will...


We were the green team and although we had tons of color spirit, we sadly never won the treasured spirit stick (which just happened to be a broom named Sebastian)

Brandyn getting his craft on.

Each day, we had time specifically set aside for indoor activities (like crafts and board games), outdoor activities (like paintball, zipline, archery, biking, and tons of other things), and lakefront time. It was REALLY hot, but everyone participated and nobody really complained.

I wish I'd gotten some pictures of our girls on the power pole! One of the outdoor activity choices was the power pole and it's a 32ft telephone pole with a tiny platform at the top and a trapeze hanging out in front of the pole. After 2 students climb the pole and get in position on the platform, they jump out towards the trapeze!!! I was so proud of everyone who got up there and jumped off-- it was crazy high!!!

Being dweebs.

On camp day 3, during the evening worship service, 5 of us did The Redeemer. Mind you, there were about 600 campers there each night!!! Blaire, Bekah, Timmy, Jordan & Myself are all going to Connecticut next week and learned the skit to perform while we are there. If you've never seen The Redeemer performed, go to YouTube and watch it once or twice! It's a powerful picture of creation, man's sin and separation from God and then Christ saving us from our sins. Even though everyone was a little nervous to be performing the skit in front of so many other students, everything went really well.

The Green Machine.... these girls are gonna kill me!

At the camp's closing ceremonies, each camper who accepted Christ was brought to the tabernacle to ring the bell. It was such a special and memorable experience. At this point in the week, our group had come together to support each other and provide encouragement. It was so sweet to hear the youth cheering each other on as they went through ringing the bell.

Our Girls

The Boys

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