Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HLC: More Pics

So you thought I could sum up a week at Journey youth camp in 1 blog post???

Well let me prove you wrong... :)

I could write a whole other post praising our adult sponsors!!!

Nicole & Jessica were 2 of the 6 adult sponsors. Jordan and I qualified as adults somehow. Chris and Hope Dupnik rounded out our 6 sponsors. Everyone was fantastic. They spent a week serving a bunch of teenagers and ensuring these kids had a great time at camp. They went without sleep, ate camp food, showered in tiny stalls with rubber flip flops, and put their wants and desires away completely.

But more than all that, they LOVE these kids! They cheered them on and prayed for them. They encouraged them to look to Christ. I just cant say enough about our sponsors and how valued they are!!! Jordan and I are SO THANKFUL for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Here I am about to take off down the zip line. I would like to point out that this picture is majorly zoomed in. The platform itself is probably 75ft tall (give or take a few feet). So it's completely up to the zip-liner to jump off the platform and that is no small feat! I was definitely a little nervous!!!

But here I am, post zip, waiting for someone to come rescue me!

That harness hurt my tenders.

AHA! I found pictures of the power pole!!!!

Check that out!!! Pretty intense right?!?! I was so proud of the students that conquered their fear and took on the power pole challenge. The funny thing is that I never saw a guy on the power pole.... only girls. Surprising? I think not!

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Melissa said...

"Jordan & I qualified as adult sponsors somehow!" HA!!!!! Love it!

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