Monday, July 11, 2011

Honduras: The Beginning

We are back from Honduras and safe, healthy and in 1 piece! I cant even begin to describe how incredible and life changing the trip was, but I hope to convey a little of my heart in the next few posts. I took 350 pictures and while all of them arent featured, I guarantee these posts are picture heavy and full of wonderful stories and love.

Our travel days were long and tiring. We left the church at 11pm on Friday, July 1st and drove to Houston (Bush Intercontinental Airport). We flew on Taca (affectionately renamed "Taco") airlines and our flight left at a pre-sunrise 5:40 AM. We had no problems getting to the airport or on any of our flights. The first flight took us to El Salvador, then our second flight took us to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Once we arrived in Honduras, Rhonda & Carlos picked us up from the airport in the Destino bus and we embarked on the first of many adventurous bus rides. It took about 3 hours to get up to Siguatepeque where we would be staying. We stopped off at Destino del Reino and spent some time on the campus with the kiddos. It didnt take long to fall in love with these children!

One of the homes on the campus. Carlos (Destino's pastor, bus driver, repairman, construction worker, father, nightwatchman and all around cool guy) and his family live here.

The church.

The Elementary School

The beginnings of the Junior High School

Most of the homes in Honduras resembled this picture. It was incredibly humbling to serve in a place where people basically had nothing. Running water was scarce and contaminated. The homes consisted of 1 room, cinderblock with dirt floors and rusted tin roofs. Having dinner meant killing and plucking one of the chickens running around outside. We heard stories of children who hadnt eaten or slept in days. We heard stories of abuse and incest and molestation and abandonment. It was devastating. It's impossible not to be remarkably grateful for my life here in the US. Rhonda is doing an amazing work in an area in desperate need of Jesus. Destino del Reino brings children up in a clean, nourishing and most important, Godly environment. She also sends her mission teams to various villages in the area to do evangelism. The next post will be all about our time in La Canada.

Stay tuned.

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