Friday, July 1, 2011

Viva La Honduras!

I'm heaping on the prayer requests this week folks; I'm certain however that you're all up for the challenge!!!

Tonight at 11pm, I will be one of 19 people leaving FBC Rockport, headed to Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Then, at 0530 we'll board a plane destined for Honduras. For the next week, we will make our home in Siguatepeque, and be helping out at Destino del Reino. Destino is a children's home and school that is run by a sweet Christian woman named Rhonda. The school serves to meet the needs of the impoverished children in the surrounding villages by providing free education (usually only the wealthy children are able to afford education). The children's home is a place where parents send their children to live, and while there, the children are educated and learn how to cultivate the land, so that they may return to their families and provide for them. Both the home and school also immerse the children in the Word of God, raising up a generation of Christian leaders in the small, poor country.

Currently there are about 15-20 children living in the home and approximately 200 attending the school. All of which is possible because one woman stepped out in great faith, and God has used her to do tremendous and mighty works for the Kingdom. I highly encourage you to visit the Destino delReino website and read about what God is doing there.

The following are some prayer needs for our group:
- Spiritual preparation
- Safety in traveling to/from/within Honduras
- Good health
- Unity
- Flexibility
- The absence of anxiety (Being in a new country, traveling, etc.)
- VBS that we will put on for the children of the village
- That God will soften the hearts of the people we will come in contact with.
- That we would be Christ-like in all that we do.

And Continual prayer needs for Rhonda & Destino delReino
- Wisdom in leadership
- Spiritual growth
- That God would call out Honduran and American teachers for the next school year
- Financial scholarships for the children attending
- Transportation needs
- Support for a junior high building at Destino

Please, if only for a minute, take some time out of each day this week and lift our team up in prayer. We will covet your prayers during this time, as we know that we will face many trials and be tested in new and difficult ways over the next week. We are scheduled to arrive back in Houston at 2330 on 7/9/11. So expect the blog to be quiet over the next week, but there will be many pictures and stories from our trip to come!

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