Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Honduras: Odds & Ends

This is the final post from Honduras. Ok, probably not.

Want to know the truth? I actually wrote this post first. Long story. I'm still confused.


Feast your eyes on the Hotel Plaza San Pablo! We called this luxury hotel "home" for 6 nights and 7 days. Funny thing is, it probably is one of the nicest hotels in Siguatepeque. Even though the water only worked about 80% of the time, the toilet paper was unflushable, there were strange cocoon-looking bugs on the walls, the mattress was hard, and the room smelled like sewage when the AC wasnt running, I still considered us to be FAR from "roughing it." Some of my favorite memories from the trip were in this hotel. We had nightly meetings to discuss what we'd learned from the day and it was encouraging beyond words to hear others share about God. The true highlight was a night spent in worship, singing songs in English and Spanish and pouring our hearts out in adoration. Incredible.

This is the restaurant where we ate breakfast and dinner each day (with the exception of the pizza night!). Again, we were far away from roughing it on this trip! Maribel and her ladies cooked some delicious meals for us- all served family style- this was another time of encouragement and bonding within our group. We had many laughs around these tables, and while I may not miss the daily pancakes (they do get old when you eat them 7 days in a row!), I certainly miss the jokes and conversations that went around during our meals.

Thursday was considered our "vacation" or "free" day, where we were neither at VBS or working at Destino. During the morning, Rhonda took us to a market and a pottery place to do a little shopping. These were big hits with the group, although Jordan and I brought back fresh coffee, hot sauce and vanilla extract "souvenirs." The other half of the day was spent at the waterfalls, which were spectacular!

Just like with the rest of the pictures, justice really isnt captured here. The falls were absolutely breathtaking. The power of the water was almost unnerving, but beautiful. We hiked up and down and got soaking wet from the spray and marveled at the beauty, majesty and power of God's creation.

It was hard to say goodbye to Honduras. I was thankful to see the other group members develop a heart for missions, and to deepen my own relationship in Christ. I think we all left Honduras with a large dose of humility, followed by immense gratitude.

Doctor Edwards left Honduras with 9 bags of coffee.

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