Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The blog has been a little quiet for the last week and I'm here to say sorry to all my lovely lovely readers. Outside of watching the entire first season of Heroes on Hulu, I seem to be spending almost all of my free time on Pinterest. It's overtaken me!!!

It's this neato little website that can store all the little bits and pieces and ideas and pretty things that I come across while surfing the interwebs. I dont have to bookmark every great website, just pin the pictures to my Pinterest. Pinterest saves the links with the pictures!

Also (this is the really fun part)-- you can see all your friend's pins and steal their great ideas too! Moreover, you can look at EVERYONE's pins. I could spend hours looking at pins. Maybe I have. Maybe I havent. Anyway.

Pins about fashion...
I pinned this dress because I think it'll be perrrrrfect for a beachy wedding I'm going to in about a month.

Pins with recipes...
I pinned this recipe for S'more bars... because... Helllo? S'more bars?!! I'm thinking I'll be making these in the next few days. Full report to come.

Pins for home decor...
I pinned this painted wood hanging wall art thing because I think it'll be super cute on this little blank wall in the kitchen. Its a perfect blend of my lab love and my baking love. It wont really match all that well, but I love it and sometime's that's all that matters, right?

Hair & Makeup pins...
I pinned this because it's past time for another hair appointment and I think the color is perfect. Perfect auburn lovely hair.

So go waste an afternoon on pinterest. It's the

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Emily said...

I'm gonna have to find that s'mores bar pin! Looks amazing.

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