Saturday, March 17, 2012

Glorious Bed

We've safely made it home from New Orleans and I couldn't be happier to sleep in my own bed. There's just something about sleeping alone on twin-size dorm mattresses that squeak with every move that just makes life lovely. Talk about NO quality sleep. But I guess if that's the only thing I can complain about, then we must have had a pretty incredible week.

And we did.

Don't be surprised when I tell you I completely forgot my camera. I realized this about Baton Rouge, when it was entirely too late. My husband didn't seem to go for the whole "we should just get a new camera!" suggestion, so now we're at the mercy of about a dozen teenagers who took pictures of every move we made. So until I can get my hands on a few pictures, I'll share with you a few things about mission trips and a few things I've learned about New Orleans.

(ok so I have ONE phone picture of our stroll through Jackson Square)

1. I never would've fathomed that I would ever be in a place more humid than Rockport (or Augusta). And I would be wrong. New Orleans takes the cake. My hair reached new levels of frizz.

2. Same goes for bugs. My legs are a testament to the fact that no amount of bug repellant can keep those blood suckers away.

3. Being in a new environment and doing new things is a stretch for a lot of people. It brings me such joy to see the hearts of our students soften and grow in Christ.

4. New Orleans is widely known for its debauchery and it certainly lived up to its reputation. We spent Wednesday afternoon in the French Quarter and even on a weeknight, the darkness was palpable. Despite this, when people learned of what we were doing around the city, they seemed genuinely grateful.

5. Just because someone claims to be a native to New Orleans, does not automatically mean they can make a good gumbo.

I guess I can't share everything, but should leave some revelations and experiences for my photo-heavy post. So stay tuned friends for some more lovely stories of our week in New Orleans. It was a blast.

But right now, my bed is calling me.

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