Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Favorite Products

There's something about going out of town that seems to make me feel a little more spendy than I would be otherwise. I'd heard rave reviews about the Urban Decay Naked palette and I've been to Sephora (with a gift card even!) several times and picked it up, put it down. Picked it up, put it down.

Confession: I'm a horrible person to shop with. My husband can attest to this. I am notorious for L.O.V.I.N.G. to shop -I'll never turn down a shopping trip. Only problem is, I'll pick out half a dozen items, walk around the store for an hour and slowly (but surely!) talk myself out of every single item. It turns the trip into a colossal waste of time. Case in point: Jordan and I went to Old Navy yesterday at MY request because of a skirt I'd seen in a different store. We get to Old Navy, I find the skirt, carry it around for a few minutes, put it back on the rack, and walk out empty-handed.

And I digress.
While in New Orleans, I finally put my Sephora gift card to good use and purchased the Naked palette. I LOVE IT. The colors are perfect and the shadows are well pigmented, so a little goes a long way. The shades are layer-able, so there's really no way to go wrong with this palette! I'm so glad I finally took the plunge and brought home a palette of my own. They aren't cheap, but a gift card made it all worth it. I have a feeling that the Naked palette will quickly become one of my favorite makeup bag products!

Keeping that in mind, I thought I'd share my current makeup bag favorites! These are items that I use every time I put on a "full face." Its a rare day that I put on a full face of makeup when I go to work. A little concealer, mascara and eyeliner and I'm out the door. Something about a 5am alarm and a 12.5 hour work day just takes away any primping desires.

And I digress.

#1: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Having been blessed with an oily T-zone and lids, it is almost impossible for me to put on eyeshadow and it last all day without creasing or getting weird. Enter Shadow Insurance and I can have my eyeshadow last all day, go to bed and wake up with shadow still intact. (Note: I don't often fall asleep with makeup on my face). A little dab goes a long way. I put it on when I put on my face primer and it makes my gorgeous Naked palette shadow stay right where I put it. Amay-zing.

#2 Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation

I really love this foundation. It's also pretty pricey, but a little bit goes a long way and I definitely don't wear this stuff to work. But regardless, it's the best foundation I've found. It covers well, has SPF 15, and feels great on my skin. In combination with face primer and a little setting powder, it keeps my oiliness at bay.

#3 Benefit They're Real Mascara

(all images via pinterest)

This mascara might just be my favorite makeup bag product of all!!! We all have features that we deem better than others and for me, I think my eyes are my best feature. Therefore, I love shadows (obviously!) that play up my blues, eyeliners that stay put, and mascaras to take my lashes out and up! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mascara. It's super black and makes my eyelashes do things that I never thought they could do. They're thick and long without being clumpy. Plus, the mascara stays put, which may be an understatement. Im telling you, it doesn't budge, which is a blessing and a curse. Getting the stuff off takes a little elbow grease, but that's not enough of a drawback to keep me away. I love this stuff.

What are some of your favorite products??


Erika said...

I have been seriously lusting after that Naked palette. Thanks for throwing fuel on the fire. I am currently not loving ANY of my makeup and totally in the mood for new stuff...but also totally need a sugar daddy or something to BUY me the, yeah. :)

Danae said...

I too love the Naked Palette eyeshadow! I might just have to try that foundation. I have been looking for one I love without any luck!

lil desiqua said...

Thanks for the Too Faced tip! I have the same problem, my eyeliner and/or shadow never stays put! I'll definitely be trying this!

Stopping by from the link-up!

Sasha said...

I love the Naked palette too, and I used TFSI too, but I use the Candlelight one. I LOVE it and since it's shimmery, I think it's perfect under the Naked palette.

Cristi Atchley said...

We use the same mascara... and I can attest that it stays! No flaking! I love it!

Stopping by from Kelly's!

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