Thursday, June 14, 2012

20 weeks!

It's hard to believe this pregnancy is now half over. It has already gone by so quickly! Jordan assured me this morning that the second half goes slower than the first, but I don't know if I believe him. All is now right in my world for the time being. My wonderful husband has returned from his African adventure and I had a fantastic check up this morning with Dr. Canterbury. 

It really is incredible to see the changes in my little squirt over the last 12 weeks. The first sono was just a little bean shaped thing with a heartbeat. Then around 11 weeks I snuck in a little ultrasound time while at work one day and saw a little teddy graham. But today's sono was amazing! It was a surreal moment getting to see my sweet baby kicking and moving around inside bouncing off the walls. The ultrasound tech even made a few comments as to how active this little one is. I then apologized for drinking a few swallows of orange juice before coming in for my scan. 

All in all, the anatomy looks as perfect as can be! Jordan and I breathed a huge sigh of relief to see a normal brain, spinal cord, and heart. I was also happy to hear I had a fundal placenta and a normal cord insertion site. The tech got such great pictures of the heart, that we were able to see that structurally my little kicker's ticker is very normal. Dr. Canterbury assured us that we could rule out 98% of cardiac problems just by seeing structure and normal blood flow. Because of Jordan's cardiac history, we were going to have a fetal echocardiogram next month, but after getting a great report today, have decided to opt out of this. 

Check out my little pumpkin!
Hello world! (face, body, right hand)

I'm trying my best to hold still.... (profile)
... but I'm just a little wiggler! (back/spine, head -looking down)

And of course a belly shot! 

Same tank top, Same jeans... New & Improved Bump!!

Size: A Banana! (Or 6.5")
Cravings: Still nothing specific. I keep waiting to capitalize on the whole weird pregnancy craving thing, but am having no luck with that so far.
Aversions: None!
Movement: I felt my first little poke at about 17 and a half weeks and am feeling all sorts of bumps and wiggles these days. It's just the most bizarre thing ever. 
Gender: We're having a...............................................................


We chose to look away this morning when the sono tech was checking out the gender, so she's the only person who knows what I'm growing. Jordan and I are super excited about our little surprise baby!
Clothes: I have a mix of maternity and regular clothes. My regular jeans and shorts still fit, but the maternity shorts are so stinkin comfortable! Why don't we wear stretchy panel pants all the time?!
Looking forward to: Hitting that viability mark (24 weeks) and getting to the point where Jordan can also feel baby movements.


Lindsay said...

You look great! I wish I could wait to find out but I'm too impatient. :)

Susan said...

You look amazing! I also could never wait for the gender, but now looking back 10 years I wish I did. What an amazing surprise you have waiting for you at the end!!!

Shannon said...

We had a surprise the first time, too. You'll love it! :) Looking cute!

Erika said...

I can't believe you aren't finding out the gender!! I would just think that being a nurse, you could take one glance at those awesome, blobby (I mean...cute...)sonogram pics and see the vital information without even trying! If I were pregnant, I definitely would find out. But with our situation...haha...we're decorating gender-neutral. Which is super hard!! But a good challenge, I suppose.

jane walts said...

I'm amazed you don't know the gender yet... i could feel the thrill..

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