Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dont poke the preggo.

My dearest most favorite little sister ever is now back in her own home, which makes me sad, but our visit was fantastic. Even if we took naps and ate peanut butter & jelly. It was good. I spent the majority of my time since Friday doing one of two things: spending time with Cas, and being absolutely furious with Volkswagen of Corpus Christi.

I thought long & hard about whether or not I'd use names and throw the dealership under the bus. Well, look at that, I just did. Don't cross the pregnant lady, because I'll go all shades of hormonal crazy on you. 

Here's the situation (in a nutshell). Last wednesday (as in a week ago from yesterday), the airbag fault light came on in the Jetta. Jordan made an appointment at the dealership for 9am on Thursday morning to have the oil changed and the light serviced. Without going into too many details, you can fast forward to Tuesday when I finally got a call about the diagnosis. Should I mention that I had to call SIX times to talk to a person about what was wrong with my car? Because I did. Four entire days and six phone calls later and I'm finally aware of what the problem is. Surprise, surprise! It's the airbag. 

Sidenote: I'm no car expert, but I can read a manual and the manual told me that if the airbag light was on, it means that there's a problem with the airbag ignitor. As in, the airbag may not engage if I got in a wreck, or even worse, may engage when I'm not in a wreck. But regardless, it's an airbag problem. Sidenote over and out. 

So, imagine my fury when it takes the service department FOUR days to tell me that the ignitor has gone out and needs replacing. I just keep thinking that it'd be a lot better for the service person if Jordan was here to take care of this *ahem* issue. Because he'd be waaaaaay nicer than I have been. I hit new levels of volume on the phone while screaming at the service person. The service that we've gotten has been absolutely unacceptable. Both the ridiculously long timeline and a complete lack of contact from the dealership regarding my car (even after leaving five messages!). I still am completely flabbergasted that it took as long as it has just to diagnose the problem. I mean, had I gone in Thursday for open heart surgery, I would be home by Tuesday. I think in hospital talk. Just bear with me. 

Sidenote: I'm no car expert, but I assume that if the airbag light is on, that means it can only be one problem. A check engine light? Or a mechanical light? Tons of potential problems. It would make sense that a problem with a single issue would be easy to diagnose, whereas a problem with many potential issues would take a bit longer. I'd hate to know how long my car would sit there if we'd come in with a service engine light. Sidenote over and out.

I screamed at the service person to order the part and fix my car. He tells me that they'll order the part Tuesday and it should be in by late wednesday or the Thursday at the latest. Today is Thursday, but did I get a call about my car? Nnnnnnope. So I called once again to get an update and my service person was apparently gone for the day. Nobody else was able to tell me if my car was ready or not, so here I am once again completely out of the loop. And I'm about ready to bust some skulls. 

I'd rather tow my car to Houston or San Antonio to avoid ever stepping foot in VW of CC again. And you can forget ever buying a car from them (which is unfortunate for them considering the Contour's been on it's last leg for about 3 years now.). Ridiculous. Absolutely inexcusably ridiculous. 

Last sidenote I promise: I did a little market research by calling other VW dealerships here in the great state of Texas. Despite not actually doing any business, one service department kindly helped me and answered questions for twenty minutes. The general consensus was that an airbag light can be diagnosed usually within 4 hours, with a full repair taking an overnight stay IF a part needs to be ordered. Take that VW of CC.



Erika said...

OK, that place sounds like it totally sucks. I'm glad you mentioned their name; hopefully you can spare future potential customers the trouble. I know that I will certainly think twice now before going there to purchase my next car! ;) Also, I love to know that people besides myself get REALLY FIRED UP about things and aren't afraid to blog about them. Rock on with your bad self!! :)

Jill said...

i love this post. it made me laugh.

nothing get my undies in a twist like poor customer service...i'm glad i'm not the only pastor's wife who yells at people! haha!

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