Friday, June 22, 2012

One-a-see, Two-a-see, Three-a-see...

It's been a quiet week here on the home front, with the exception of several crazy work days in L&D. 10+ pound babies and projectile vomiting was all the rage apparently. But I get a long stretch of time off of work for now... because it's that time of year again... Summer camp!

We leave bright and early (read: tired and grumpy before sunrise) tomorrow morning with a great group of high school students on the way to Cleveland, Tennessee for Student Life camp. Camp is always a bit of an undertaking, but seeing our students grow in their relationship with Christ is such a joy that it far surpasses any of the bumps and grumbles that come along with summer camp. This will be our first experience with Student Life, but I've consistently heard great things about them and am really looking forward to hearing Jeremy Kingsley again.

So the blog will be quiet until next weekend when we return, but I'm sure to have lots of great stories and pictures from the week. Prayers for our students & leaders for safety, health, good rest and a heart-changing connection with the Lord is much appreciated. We will also be traveling over the next 2 days and returning over 2 days next weekend, so I'll also welcome any prayers over our vehicles and drivers!

See you soon!

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