Monday, June 11, 2012

Staying Productive

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I wouldn't make a good military wife. Or wife of a husband who is gone overseas for business. I just like having my husband around and I can only assume that's a good thing. The Kenya team gets back home this Wednesday evening, which thrills me to no end! While hubby's been away, coordinating Sunday morning and Wednesday night activities for the youth has fallen on my shoulders (with plenty of extra helpers!), which is fine, except the team arrives into Corpus right in the middle of our Wednesday night worship service. So do I skip out and surprise my hubby? Or just do my job and wait another hour to see him and smother him with lovin? Oh the choices.

Here's a little recap of what the Kenya team has accomplished this past week:
They set up and ran a free medical clinic out of a church in Mombasa. On Monday, they only saw about 150 patients, but apparently the word got out to the community and they saw over 200 patients each day until Saturday when the clinic was only open a short time. Can you even imagine? 2 Doctors and 3 nurses seeing over 200 patients in less than 8 hours? Needless to say, they were exhausted! Each day when the clinic was coming to a close, one of the pastors that went on the trip (3 of our 5 staff pastors went on this trip!) gave a short sermon to the crowd and the gospel was shared many times (I'm thinking hundreds of times) throughout the week. On Saturday after the clinic was officially closed, the team held a worship service and invited everyone from the last week to join them. They specifically asked for those people who had made the decision to follow Christ as their savior this week to be at this worship service, where they would have the opportunity to be baptized. Jordan said over 100 people returned to the church for baptism on Saturday. What a testimony of God's great power and love!!! The team was back at the church for their regular Sunday worship time and then packed their bags and traveled to another hotel in Kenya where they would be embarking on a Safari Monday morning! The hard work (and it sure sounded exhausting!) is behind them and now they get to enjoy Africa for a couple of days before leaving the country Tuesday night and arriving home Wednesday afternoon. Cant wait to hear more stories from the team in the days and weeks to come!

Not to be outdone (ha!), here's a little recap of what I accomplished this past week (brought to you in lazy blogger bullet fashion):
-I entertained my sister until last Wednesday morning, feeding her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and letting her drive me around San Antonio. She also helped me prep for a Sunday school party and listened to me scream at the VW dealership.

-I still don't have a car for those of you keeping track of that fiasco.

-My left tricep has been twitching for 24 hours.

-I spent a few wee hours of the morning (say like 1am) nursing some of my first round ligament pains. I got it all sorted out and when I woke up that day, I was sporting quite the bump.  Pics to come with my 20 week update on Thursday.

-I successfully (fingers crossed) transitioned Mauve out of her kennel. She now spends all of her days wandering around the house, which I'm sure she enjoys over laying in a kennel. Only problem I've run across is realizing how much hair she accumulated in the kennel, because now it's covering every square inch of the house.

-I hosted an extremely successful scrapbooking night at church where there were exactly 0 participants. Maybe next month.

-I've started and almost finished season 8 of Hell's Kitchen. Hulu's not where it's at in the summertime when there are no new shows.

-I havent discharged any firearms yet (I'm looking at you VW of CC.).

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Casey B said...

you're funny. I know you've got to be happy to see Jordan :) They did a lot of awesome things! P.s. I love your bump.

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