Friday, February 22, 2013


Another week has already flown by, can you believe it?! Here's my week's recap, High Five 4 Friday style:

1. This chocolate is quite possibly my very favorite chocolate ever. I've put away 2 bars since Valentine's day and I seriously think that there is some type of ridiculously addictive illegal substance in this chocolate. Once I open the Willy Wonka-esque gold foil wrapper, it absolutely disappears. Nom Nom Nom Nom. 

2. I've seen this face more often than usual this week. I don't see or feel teeth and he's not showing any symptoms of being sick, so I'm assuming his clingy, fragile, poor-napping, thumb-sucking, fussy demeanor is just a little phase. His spot of choice has been in my arms (or Jordan's), so I've enjoyed the cuddles, learned how to do lots of new things one-handed, and built up some major arm muscles. He's deceptively heavy. We'll see HOW heavy on Monday!

3. I've spent a lot of time this week organizing something big and exciting for the ol' blog next month! Too bad I'm going to be a punk and keep it under wraps for just a bit longer. 

4. Toms were on Zulily!!!!  Toms were on Zulily!!!! Was I the only person who totally took advantage of this? cough-Iordered4pairs-cough. Three of those four were for Isaac (including the pair above!) and the fourth pair were actually for Jordan. 

5. Some jerk hit our car in the parking lot. And didn't leave a note. Boooooo.


Becky said...

Those Toms are so cute!! Woohoo for being on sale!!

Erika said...

That chocolate looks awesome. And I feel like I deserve a reward for not yet having bought Toms on Zulily even though they're BLOWING UP MY EMAIL every day with the reminders that i COULD buy them! reward myself with chocolate? Or Toms?

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