Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It's that time again. If ever it seemed like I've got it all together, let me show you that I certainly do not. 

What are your midweek confessions? 
-I let my kid watch TV. Sorry American Academy of Pediatrics and your recommendation for no TV until 2 years of age... more like 2 months of age. I'm not saying I park him in front of the TV for the majority of the day, but I'm not above using 30 minutes from his entire day watching a BabyFaith video. I've also taken to showing him Veggie Tales silly songs (thanks Youtube) during tummy time to hopefully prevent tummy-related meltdowns (not always successful).

-It's only Wednesday and so far this week I've made our bed twice, cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed a majority of the house. I consider this a major victory, especially since it'd been a ridiculously long time since I've cleaned our bathroom. Like, so long ago that I couldn't even remember the last time it was done. Gross.

-I'm not "giving up" anything for Lent.

-I'd love to do some new and different things with my blog, but honestly have no idea about graphic design and HTML. Seriously-- not the first thing. I admit to being technology/digital language illiterate. I've been so flattered by emails from folks wanting to advertise and have had to tell them I just have no clue how to go about setting all that up. I'd love to change up my header and look of everything, but don't really want to be tethered to a graphic designer. Aint nobody got time for that. Or money for that. I shamelessly pulled the MC graphic from E's blog. I'd love to know how to put those little graphics together. Anyone else with me on this?

-I don't think I'll ever be into yard work or gardening. My only motivation to keep the front yard somewhat tidy is the fact that I don't want to be "that house." I cringe at the thought of weeding and planting in our beds, but it needs to be done soon.

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